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Release 0.0.8

Postby Terl Obar » Sat Feb 21, 2009 6:40 pm

A new release is ready to test. This release adds the ability to move your ships around the battle board. The downloads can be found here:
Windows version (~1.6 MB)
Linux version (~3.8 MB)
(If you're wondering why the linux version is so much bigger it is because it is compiled with debug versions of of the libraries and code while the Windows version is a release version.)

To test out the new functionality select 'Show Battle Board' from the 'Show' menu. This will bring up the combat board where you will place a UPF Frigate and Assault Scout and an Sathar Destroyer and Light Cruiser. Once all the ships are placed, it is the Sathar's move.

To select a ship to move, just click on it. If more than one ship are in a hex repeatedly clicking on the hex will cycle through all the ships there. Once selected, a series of hexes are illuminated show where the ship can move. Yellow hexes have to be moved through. The orange hexes are possible ending hexes. They represent the range of hexes the ship can move to based on its current speed and ADF. Click on a hex where you want to end your move or make a turn. If you have MR (and you didn't pick the last hex on the line) you will see see three branching rows of hexes from the one you picked representing the directions you can go if you turn at that point. The hash marking in the hexes between your ship and where you clicked is replaced by a red line showing where you've moved. If you don't like your move you can click anywhere along the red line to back up you move to that point.

Clicking on a different one of your ships allows you to move that ship. You can move back and forth between your ships to work out their moves. If you've assigned movement to ships it shows up as gray lines when you select a different ship so that you can see where you are sending all your ships.

Once you've moved all your ships far enough that they are all in your orange hashed hexes, the 'Movement Done' button will activate. Once you are satisfied with your movement you can select the 'Movement Done' button to end your movement turn. Eventually this will take you to the defensive and offensive fire phase but now it just takes you to the other player's movement phase.

There are few rules that this movement interface still doesn't take into account:
  • Movement off the map
  • Effect of gravity as you move past the planet
  • Running into the planet.
  • Making a turn at the end of your move in your last hex without continuing into the next one.
The Laws of Physics will be enforced.
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