Alex Pilgaard (TerlObar)

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Alex Pilgaard (TerlObar)

Postby Terl Obar » Tue Jul 29, 2008 8:51 pm

Character Name: Alex "Arrow" Pilgaard
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Handedness: Left
Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: 10m/30m/5km
height/weight: 195cm/85kg
age: 26
Birth Planet: Laco (Dixon's Star)

STR/STA: 45/45
DEX/RS : 73/72
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 55/55
IM: 8

SFC Ranking: Flight Cadet
SFC Status: Flight School

Current STA: 45
Racial Abilities: +5 DEX/RS
XP: (248 used)

(PSA: Technological)
Technician 6
Computer 3
Robotics 1
Beam 4
Projectile 3
Melee 3
Demolitions 2
Medic 1

Pilot 1

Anti-shock Implant
ID card
Toxy-rad guage

Carried on duty:
Military skiensuit/flightsuit
Albedo Screen w/50 SEU beltpack
Laser Pistol w/20 SEU clip
5x 20 SEU powerclips
Vibroknife w/20 SEU clip

Other Equipment
Sonic Sword w/20 SEU powerclip
Stunstick w/20 SEU power clip
Laser Rifle w/telescopic sight and 20 SEU power clip
Bow w/20 arrows
2x Civilian skiensuit
Ineria screen
10x 20 SEU power clips
2x 50 SEU beltpacks
2 kg T-19
10x variable timers
gas mask
IR goggles

Character History
Born and raised on Laco, Alex was a young man growing up in the middle of "Laco's War". His technical skills saw him drafted into the support unit of whichever side controlled the area at the time. It was a hectic, heady time with lots of opportunity to both learn and get blown up. Luckily, Alex managed to weather the storm and pick up quite a few skills along the way along with several weapon proficiencies.

His natural abilities at ranged weapon combat, combined with training received from both Streel and PGC, quickly earned him the nickname "Arrow" as everyone always commented how his shots seemed to fire "straight as an arrow" and hit their target. It didn't hurt that he was also proficient with the archaic weapon as well. One of his fellow crew members jokingly called him "Arrow" after watching him practice with his longbow and it stuck.

With the "resolution" of the conflict, life on Laco became rather dull for Alex and he started looking for some off-world adventure. Seeing the ad for the Star Fighter Corps he decided that was just the thing and caught a ride to Prenglar to sign up.
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Re: Alex Pilgaard (TerlObar)

Postby Shadow Shack » Tue Jul 29, 2008 9:52 pm

Looks good. Now to drum up a few more players.
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