Rex Dawntreader (parriah)

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Rex Dawntreader (parriah)

Postby Shadow Shack » Wed Mar 11, 2009 12:56 am

Hey, P --- I had this archived from the last go around:

Character Name: Rex Dawntreader
Call sign: "Parriah"
Race: human
Sex: M
Handedness: R
Walking/Running/Hourly: 10M/ 30M/ 5KM
height/weight: 2Meters/ 95Kilos
age: 25
Birth Planet: Gran Quivera

SFC Ranking: Flight Trainee
STATUS: Flight School

STR/STA: 55/55
DEX/RS: 70/70
INT/LOG: 45/45
PER/LDR: 55/55
IM: 7

Current STA:
Racial Abilities: none
Pay/Day:0, but free room and boarding during training)
Credits: 500

(Military PSA)
Beam Weapons LVL:6
Martial Arts LVL:2
Computers access and operate LVL:2
Computers program LVL:1
Operate Vehicles - Atmos LVL:6, Ground LVL:4, and Hover LVL:2.
Star Ship Energy Gunner LVL:1
Star Ship Pilot LVL:0

SFC Flight Skeinsuit
Laser Pistol

Character History
Rex grew up as a military brat, following his LandFleet father all over the Frontier. He has seen most of the core worlds and had several close calls with death as a result of falling in with "the wrong crowd. He was saved from a sentance of several years on a penal asteroid by his father's intervention. In return his father paid hid tuition to the academy and told Rex that this is his last chance. Having been sent to the asteroid for two nights as a taste of what he would be missing, he believes it and will apply himself as he has never before. Though his mental capacities are not whet they may be, he is a natural hand with an aircar, jetcopter, or anything else thst goes higher than 30cm above the groung. He especially loves giljet flying and even once piloted(on the sly, with a master pilot watching closely) an assault suttle on a simulated combat drop.(father's connections again)

Rex is boisterous, almost reckless, but can recognize when discression is called for. He likes all core races, but doesn't care for the RIM Coalition people, especially Ifshnit( he considers them cheats and crooked businessmen) and (Creepy) Osakar. He ows his life to one Star Law Huma<wink, wink; Nudge,nudge> and might like one of them. He has been cheated in illeagle dealings with underworld Ifshnit and that is the reason for his prejudices. He probably will not make a show of his prejudices, but will not be likely to trust the races stated untill they show themselves as trustworthy..
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