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SFC Terminology

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Assault Rocket: These deadly 4-meter long rockets pack quite a punch, very effective against larger vessels.

Bogey: a term for an enemy star fighter or target.

Bulk Cruiser: a slang term for larger craft, when compared to star fighters they're all slow and sloppy.

Corsair: a term given to pirate vessels that are "posing" themselves as something else to draw prey toward them. For example, a freighter is transmitting an SOS signal, when another vessel approaches to help the frieghter "turns corsair" and attacks.

Flight: a flight is comprised of two star fighters, one piloted by the higher ranking officer or more skilled operator (Flight Leader) and the other serves as a back up and cover unit, also known as a Wingman.

Home: Home is where the squadron is based, be it a mother ship, orbital space station, or a ground based starport.

Ion Guns (Ion Cannon): These are small scale/short ranged Disruptor Cannons that are designed to disable a ship rather than destroy it. Very effective in boarding and capture scenarios.

IG-Turret (Ion Gun Turret) same as the Ion Cannon but mounted in a 360º turret

Jockey: Slang term for a fighter pilot

Launch the Bird(s): slang phrase that means to launch one's rockets or missiles.

Pod Laser: The idea for Pod Lasers developed as the need for star fighter weaponry demanded a smaller scale laser weapon. Essentially a Pod Laser system is comprised of the guns from a Laser Battery that are fixed in the fuselage of a star fighter or other small craft. As a result, the range is shorter than standard battery range due to a smaller power supply, although longer ranged Pod Laser systems are available that chew up more space inside smaller craft.

Pod Laser Turret (Laser Turret): A smaller scaled version of the Laser Battery is the Pod Laser Turret. These can be found on heavy fighters that require a second crew member and allow for a wider field of fire over conventional forward firing qweapons of the standard size fighter craft.

Polish the Hull: slang term for a near miss, stems from the reflective coating applied to combat vessels.

Punch(ed) Out: slang term for ejecting out of the craft.

Squadron: a squadron is comprised of six star fighters (or three flights). Squadrons not attached to a Wing may have up to four reserve units on standby. Typically a planetary militia will have one squadron plus one additional squadron per population rank, and an outpost may have one full squadron sans reserves.

Star Barge: see Bulk Cruiser

Wave: a step in a series of events. For example, in the first wave of attack you may be instructed to launch rockets, and for the second wave use lasers.

Wing: a fighter wing is comprised of two to six squadrons. Naturally a Wing won't be found in outposts or lightly populated worlds, while a wing may be encountered with larger carriers.
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