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Time Line

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44 f.y. Lt. Yan-Soon Shea-Dow recieves honorable discharge from Truane's Star military after serving with Col. Louis V. Jameson on his retirement mission. Jameson joins the Truane's Star Exploration Force soon afterwards.

45 f.y. basic scenarios (Port Loren Raiders, Hepplewhite Inc crash, etc). Yan-Soon Shea-Dow arrested during a Free Frontiersmen Foundation operation and is imprisoned for five years.

46-47 f.y. 1st Zebulon mission lost, second begins

48 f.y. Cythar (cybernetic Sathar) program initiated by Sathar

49 f.y. Starmist discovery (SF:3), Yan-Soon Shea-Dow gets parolled and is reported missing soon after release.

50 f.y. Rhianna system is discovered by the Cassidine Development Corporation, but is kept secret. Alcazzar adventure (SF:4)

50-60 f.y. Laco's War. PGC and Streel wage the first Corporate War on Laco. The UPF eventually steps in and empowers an inter-mega-corporate commission to resolve the differences. Other mega-corps study Laco's War as a possible legal precedent for solving disputes.

51 f.y. Sathar invasions begin, small forces and fleets appear in the Frontier at an alarming rate. PC's enroll into Gollwin, or other methods to acquire ship skills.

53 f.y. Mercenary Starbase enacted, joint venture between PGC and Star Law for a roaming fleet and military force.

54f.y. SF/KH:0 Clarion Marines adventure

54 f.y. The Mechanons on Volturnus revolt. Only through quick action on the part of Star Law is a full-scale war avoided.

55 f.y. Mercenary Starbase construction begins, freighter captains obtain charters and begin hauling goods en masse to Zebulon for the next seven years. It is a very profitable period for freight haulers.

56 f.y. Second Sathar War begins as large fleets arrive in force

57 f.y. University of Zebulon opens in Anker

59 f.y. A Streel-designed freighter registered to a Yan-Soon Shea-Dow is siezed by Star Law. The computer's memory was wiped during boarding actions and the crew maintains no knowledge of the ship's owner.

60 f.y. Sathar War winds down, corporate war ends at Laco with both sides calling a truce and retreating from the outpost world. The Star Fighter Corps is launched, a flexible tightly knit unit with improved craft and highly trained crews.

61 f.y. The Third Dramune War is fought (SF/KH:1 module).

62 f.y. Cythar begin to infiltrate the Frontier

63 f.y. Mercenary Starbase completed, Sathar "Juggernaut" encountered
by Strike Force NOVA and SFC forces

64 f.y. Operation Dreadnaught bill is passed near the year's end as an answer to the Juggernaut fiasco

65 f.y. Dreadnaught construction centers commence while new battleships begin construction. Streel loses contracts for a new battleship design but earns a healthy contract for a heavy cruiser design that becomes something of a mainstay in Spacefleet. Other shipyards begin submitting variants of other warship designs, including new frigates, destroyers, and light cruisers

66 f.y. General Yan-Soon Shea-Dow, leading the Soverign Domain Authority, overtakes the outpost world of Histran in Scree Fron, announcing his intent to secede from the UPF. His forces are thwarted shortly afterwards by a group of independant ship operators allied with survivng militia and SFC forces

67 f.y. Trade established with the Rim planets.

68 f.y. Soverign Domain Authority makes a second appearance near Timeon, blockading the planet for 35 days

69 f.y. Dreadnaught construction centers completed in Prenglar and Cassidine

69 f.y. SDA makes a second attempt at a world takeover in White Light, foiled by the Clarion Royal Marines before operations can begin.
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