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Player background

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Several generations ago, a group of settlers known as the Usonians came to Epsilon Minor and set up a near utopian society. They were once an activist group in the frontier, but circumstances led them to venture out on their own (See History of the Usonians). They founded a capitol city called New Utopia. New Utopia has a spaceport cable of handling ships up to hull size 5. Each settlement has a council of elders who oversee the needs of the community and twice a year each council sends a representative to New Utopia for a concourse (conference) to decide what materials, services and goods should be acquired/sold off world. Even though the settlers are a mixture of all four races (Yazirian, Dralasite, Vrusk and Human) they consider themselves one. All food eaten by the Usonians is native to the moon.

The Usonians have had little need of an official law enforcement organization or a military, until recently. Some thirty years ago the Streel Corporation landed on Epsilon Minor and began mining operations much to the chagrin of the Usonians. Streel claims to have legal dominion over Epsilon Minor and early on tried to have Starlaw remove the trespassers (the Usonians). When Starlaw failed to do so quickly enough, Streel brought in Mercs and began to remove them forcibly. The Usonians resisted and went underground. Streel razed entire communities and murdered hundreds of Usonians (Streel denies any responsibility for these actions and claims it was the independent act of the Mercs or the Usonians themselves).

Several smaller (non Mega-Corp) companies, such as The Crawford Armory and Gjor Security and Loss Prevention LLP, have come to the Usonians’ aid. The Usonians felt compelled to raise a militia for the first time since settling here. While legal representatives for both sides fight it out in the courts of Starlaw and the UPF, Streel continues to expand its operations on Epsilon Minor, the Usonians try to halt their expansion and drive Streel from their home! Neither Spacefleet nor Landfleet are involved as of yet. Starlaw has a small presence, but only in Streel occupied areas.

Your characters are the Usonians trying to keep Streel from ravaging your home world.
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