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Background information on Epsilon Minor and Histories.

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Solar system info

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Epsilon Minor is a moon with a breathable atmosphere that orbits a gas giant in a binary star system. It is one of three moons that orbits the gas giant. The orbital year is 3400 days and one day is 30 hours long. Epsilon Minor is 65% land and 45% water with ice covering the polar caps. The moon has and arid environment with an 850 day rainy season out of every 3400 days (1 year). It has a 12,800km diameter at the equator and a gravity rating of 1.0g. Its atmosphere is mostly oxygen and nitrogen. The moon is always between the gas giant and the two suns. The Suns are orbiting a gravitational singularity and hover just outside the event horizon. Gamma Alpha is a G2 yellow dwarf and Gamma Beta is an A9 blue giant. The gas giant that Epsilon Minor orbits is known as Terra Spiritus because of the strange cloud formations that tend to erupt from the planet’s atmosphere.
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