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Postby Shadow Shack » Thu Aug 28, 2008 6:16 pm

Character Name: Mireno
Race: Yazirian
Sex: m
Handedness: left
Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: 10/30/4
height/weight: 2.27m / 55kg
age: 19
Birth Planet: Epsilon Minor

STR/STA: 45/55
DEX/RS: 65/55
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 30/30
PS: 3
IM: 6
MW: 33
RW: 33

Current STA:
Injuries: monomania*

Racial Abilities: Battle Rage ( 5% ), gliding, night vision

Unused XP:

Pay/Day: 80

Credits: (1d100=29 + 250 = 279) – 180 = 99

(PSA = military )
Melee Weapons LVL:1

Technician LVL:1

Military Skeinsuit
Automatic Rifle w/bayonet
5 20r bulletclips
Vibroknife & (2) 20 SEU Clips (Melee Weapons Skill)
Sword 30

Standard Equipment Pack (chronocom, ID, coveralls, pocket tool) 150
> 1 Chronocom
> 1 Medic Coveralls
> 1 Doze Grenade
> 1 First Aid Pack
> ID Card
> 1 Pocket Flashlight
> 1 Pocket Tool
> 1 Staydose
> 1 Stimdose
> 1 Sungoggles
> 5 days Survival Rations

Character History
Mireno is a tall slender specimen of his race, and is among the latest generation of Usonia to ply his trades as an adult. He studied hard in New Utopia Vocational/Technical Academy and his resolve was quite noteworthy. Somewhere along the way he learned basic brawling and hand weapons, although instructors reported he was rarely away from his studies.

Psychologists soon diagnosed him with momomania, an obsessive disorder in which the afflicted, once presented with an idea, project, or goal, will focus all attention to completion of such quests. Neither friend nor foe can deter the afflicted from such activity, and such interuptions can be met with open hostility or even violent fits of rage.

As such, it became clear as to how he excelled in the technical trade. Mireno's problem now is how to tackle the future and commit himself to a particular field or career, as any casual suggestions can quickly deter him from his current jobs. Most recently he had the notion of joining Streel on one of their more recent domination missions, much to the dismay of his fellow team mates entrusted in warding off such invaders. Having experienced a failure, the subsequent dementia set in afterwards and he was quite uninterested in taking on any activity for some time, feeling a meaningless existence. The mood swings can be dangerous, as any attempt at encouragement can be met with similar hostility.

However, Mireno's skill as a technician and weaponeeer can not be denied, many a Usonian can see the inherent value of having him on their side. As such, most psycho-socialists on Epsilon Minor are somewhat familiar with him, having worked with his delicate psyche on numerous occassions. Long story made short, if Mireno's superiors can present him with obtainable challenges, he will work happily and industriously to achieve such goals.
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Re: Mireno

Postby cliff » Sat Aug 30, 2008 8:11 am

Shadow Shack, looks good, glad to have you aboard. I have to apologize, in the process of reorganizing the forum, I lost your image. Feel free to edit it back in to your character page if you wish.
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