Alyson Drake by MOrab46019

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Alyson Drake by MOrab46019

Postby jedion357 » Thu Feb 04, 2010 11:49 am

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Name:Alyson Drake
Player:Mike (morab)

Race: Human
Gender: Female
Profession: Royal Marine/Ships Weapon Officer (rocket gunner)
Rank: Midshipman
Pay Rate: Base- 100 Rank Bonus- 10 Total- 110/day for 5 days out of 7
Employer: Crown of Clarion
Awards: Conspicuous Gallantry Star

STR/STA: 60/60 Current STA: 60
DEX/RS: 55/60
INT/LOG:55/ 55
PER/LDR: 60/60
IM: 6
PS: +4 (+3 for str and +1 for skill)

Walking: 10m
Running: 30m
Hourly: 5km

XP (spent):31
XP (unspent):10
Notoriety: 1

Racial Abilities:

Primary PSA: Military
Secondary PSA: Life Sciences
Secondary PSA
SKILLS: Beam 2, Projectile 2, Gyrojet 1, Unarmed combat 1, Rocket Weapons 1, Medic 1

Equipment Carried:
Dress uniform (civilian skien suit 47 pts)
med kit (-3 dose of biocort and -1 of Telol)
sonic Disrupter (10 SEU)
laser pistol (20SEU)
laser pistol (clip: 8 SEU)
2 smoke grenades
Sonic Screen and power belt (38 SEU)

Equipment in "Foot Locker": (This is easily accessible but not carried)
2 military skien suits (Royal Marine uniform BDU, camo schemed skien suits are available for all variety of environments and are issued as needed)
0 dress uniform (civilian skien suit), 1 issue ships jump suit (just coveralls but still a uniform).
1 side arm (laser pistol standard but possible to substitute other "Ship safe" fire arms and 1 clip of ammo)
1 Pressure suit
1 Suit of space suit armor
Spare pressure suit patches (2)
spare pressure suit life support
magnetic shoes and velcro booties
1 gas mask
1 chronocom and ID card
1 RM combat harness 5kg and 1 RM Combat Helm 2kg

Small terrarium, seals for proof against exposure to vacuum with a small LS unit sufficient to keep its small occupant alive. Normally it will plug into a power outlet but has 20 SEU clip back up and only uses 1 SEU/day.

Allyson's Pet: a miniature hydra slug (a very minute version of the hydra that famously escaped from Port Loren's zoo over 70 years ago). It could grow quite large (up to .5 meters but will only grow to fit its cage) sonics greatly agitate it but lasers do not affect it the same way they do its larger cousin.

Credits: 800 Cr +3,300=4,100 credits


Military Record: Awarded the Conspicuous Gallantry Star for actions in the Glacier Bay incident.

Medical Record:

edited by GM after chapter 2.1
edited by GM after investigating the flying dutchman runabout
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Re: Alyson Drake by MOrab46019

Postby MOrab46019 » Sat Mar 13, 2010 10:45 am

Can I get the the laser pistols power clips recharged and power belt also at full power?

The skills I asked for were Thrown Weapon at level 2 (6 Exps)

Melee Weapon skill to level 2 (6 Exps)

Any other exps will go to Rocket Weapons. Since I hope we will be in ship combat.
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