Niss (female vursk combat medic)

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Niss (female vursk combat medic)

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Name: Niss
Race: Vursk Gender: female
Handedness: Ambi-dexterous
Description: Pale green, light brown and red spots, she added "chriton tattoos" to obscure and hide scarring on her shell, implanted holo tattoo of the RM crest
Profession: Combat Medic
Employer: Royal Marines
Awards: Crimson Stripe, Indigo Stripe, Conspicuous Gallantry Star

STR/STA: 48/50 (current STA: 13)
DEX/RS: 49/41
INT/LOG: 65/70
PER/LDR: 25/25

Walking: 15m
Running: 35m
Hourly: 6km

XP (spent):43
XP (unspent):0
Notoriety: 2

Racial Abilities: Comprehension 15%

Primary PSA: Military
Secondary PSA: Life Sciences
Secondary PSA: Scholar
SKILLS: Beam 2; Projectile 1, Unarmed combat 1; Medical 2, Psyche 1, Hover Vehicles 1, Literature 1

Equipment Carried:
Orbital Jump suit (13 pt. skien suit as well as inuslated against void and other hazardous environs)
Combat Harness and helm w/chronocom 4kg
Albedo Screen 2kg
laser pistol 1kg
autorifle plus 8 clips 4.8kg (Current clip: 10)
2 clips 20SEU .2kg
sonic knife 1kg
med kit kit 10 kg

Equipment in "Foot Locker": (This is easily accessible but not carried)
2 military skien suits (Royal Marine uniform BDU, camo schemed skien suits are available for all variety of environments and are issued as needed)
1 dress uniform (civilian skien suit), 1 issue ships jump suit (just coveralls but still a uniform).
1 side arm (laser pistol standard but possible to substitute other "Ship safe" fire arms and 1 clip of ammo)
1 Pressure suit
1 Suit of space suit armor
Spare pressure suit patches (2)
spare pressure suit life support
magnetic shoes and velcro booties
1 gas mask
1 chronocom and ID card
1 RM combat harness 5kg and 1 RM Combat Helm 2kg (see equipment folder for description)

Credits:789cr + 5,600= 6,389cr + 2,400= 8,789 Cr

Background: Niss was born on Clarion shortly after her parents immigrated to assist in setting up trade house's drilling operation. K'ton Drilling Specialties is now a well recognized drilling outfit on Clarion and it kept Niss's parents busy and or away during her formative years. Niss grew up lonely and alone with little attention from her work obsessed parents.
She had a colorful juvenile police record but discovered hovercycles in college and became addicted to speed and dangerous stunts, some would say she was suicidal. She hadn't really wanted to attend college but it was that or join her parents trade house so she studied literature.

A near fatal hovercycle accident changed the course of her life when an off duty Royal Marine combat medic saved her life; and he just happened to be a handsome looking vursk. She changed schools and became a paramedic taking work in Landing City for a year before applying to the Royal Marines.

She is terribly shy and immerses herself in escapist reading; everything from Yazerian History to Vursk romance novels. Many people view her as cool an aloof but it stems from a large dose of social awkwardness.

Military Record:
Awarded the Crimson Stripe for actions following the Raptor's Roost Bombing
Awarded the Indigo Stripe and Conspicuous Gallantry Star for action taken in the Glacier Bay Incident.

Medical Record:

edited by GM after chapter 2.1
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