Corporations on Clarion background notes

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Corporations on Clarion background notes

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Notes on Clarion’s Corporations

Eversafe Enterprises & Subsidaries
“Living ever safe and ever secure.”

Eversafe, headquartered at Moline city, is the mega corp specializing in defenses and security. The Eversafe Showroom is its retail chain outlet found everywhere in the Frontier. They have the contract to produce off the rack Royal Marine and Royal Guard uniform defensive suits. Individuals looking to buy approved extra uniforms can always find the standard BDU skien suit and dress uniform skien suit at their base exchange but Eversafe marks these items down 10% to draw in the military customers and try to up sell them other defensive gear. They also produce approved grid and albedo suit versions of the BDU with the appropriate rank and insignia regalia. Almost every show room has a test room (more like a firing range) to do public demonstrations of their product.

Almost always found in conjunction with the Eversafe Showroom or as a part of it will be retail sources for Eversafe’s subsidiaries; Wokeekoo Scanner Manufacturing and Mikooc Cardlock Manufacturing Firm. All of there products can be found in the Eversafe Catalog, produced in electronic and plasti-paper versions.

Guardall Inc, by virtue of home turf, is the major security firm on Clarion. At times when the Crown has deployed military units to other star systems the government has contracted to Guardall for replacement personnel. They maintain small offices in every city on Clarion for the purpose of recruitment and sales. Personnel and equipment are deployed from central depots. Because of the laws enacted 100 years ago requiring all mega corps to demilitarize Guardall is perpetually under scrutiny. For this reason they have a long practice of hiring Royal Marines, Royal Guards, and other domestic police personnel. They emphasis a non-confrontational but firm approach to security and their agents are quick to involve the local police and will not turn a blind eye to illegal activities. Despite the company’s reputation for whistle blowing they are still the most popular security firm as no corporation wishes to follow Streel’s example and be barred from doing business on the planet. The unwritten rule on Clarion is any corporation trying to penetrate the planet’s market must hire Guardall as a signal that they intend to play by the rules.
Clarion has never seen a corporate war and the Crown will never tolerate such behavior. For that reason many corporate executives view the monarchy on Clarion as oppressive and some mega corps funneled money into the coffers of the Liberation Front. If it wasn’t for this financial backing that terrorist organization would have died out long ago.

AIPS, though maintaining a headquarters on Clarion, does most of its business here through the subsidiary, Nova Nuclear Incorporated. Nova Nuclear is the dominate player in the rich uranium market on Clarion. They’ve become a major synthesizer of atomic star ship fuel with significant contracts with Space Fleet and many militias.

Star Play
The Star Play Lounge and the Stars at Play entertainment complex chains are well represented all over Clarion. Certain independent operations have greater popularity, like the Raptor’s Roost in Port Royal but with name recognition of the Star Play Lounge is so strong that Star Play has little to worry about from recent move by the Raptor’s Roost to expand to Clarion Station.

A popular statement by PGC executives is, “A planet without a PGC presence just isn’t civilized.” It’s actually meant as a dig against New Streel but carries a certain element of truth. Pan Galactic Corporation is literally everywhere (except New Streel of course).

Conspicuous by its absence, Streel is now banned permanently from doing business on Clarion. The ban has been a priceless opportunity for local businesses to thrive in its place. After the Battle of Planaron and the assassination of King Leotus, Streel came out in the open with its hostility to the monarchy. One of the reasons conspiracy theories abound concerning their connection to the assassination. The company is fairly open about their support of the Liberation Front but covers its involvement just enough to prevent Star Law from getting involved (not that Star Law doesn’t have open files on this matter).
The Royal Clarion Mounted Constables are an organization with planet wide police powers. The RCMC maintain an office that is tasked with nothing but investigating the LF, Streel, and the assassination of King Leotus. This office was responsible for the investigation that lead to a 12 year legal battle that forced Streel to pay compensation to the Crown (for ships lost) and to the crews and or their surviving families after the battle of Planaron. This victory is a sore spot with Streel and the vursk trade house that was Streel's legal team was sacked.
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