Planaron Ore Processing Station

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Planaron Ore Processing Station

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Planaron Ore Processing Station

Main Operations- Nerve center of the station with control rooms, main computer, sensors, offices, and station defenses: LB x1 & RB x1.

Administration & VIP Quarters- Administration center of the station with corporate headquarters and VIP corporate quarters.

Flight Ops & Station Defenses- Includes back up radar, orbital body tracking, flight control stations, and station defenses: LB x1.

Main Hanger- Can land up to HS 4 ships but usually handles ore shuttles.

Engineering Support- has three dedicated levels but doesn’t need this much. Engineering support includes life support, environmental controls and processing but the second level under the main hanger is just back up and has been given over to ware housing.

Stores and Fuel Depot- is directly concerned with supporting the hangers; rocket fuel, atomic fuel, and ion fuel. Supply depots and workshops here only deal with fixing shuttles and small craft. Some independent maintenance companies have space here serving the mining and prospecting ships. The whole level is referred to as, “the Depot.”

Robotics and Workshops- is concerned with maintaining everything else in the station that is not related to small craft or the reactor; has store rooms, workshops, fabrication shops and etc.

Power Capacitors and Reactor Support- has high energy storage capacitors to maintain power for the ore processing lab if the reactor goes down (the rest of the station can subsist on emergency power but ore processing continues at full pace). Supply rooms and workshops that support the reactor operations.

Station Habitation- Quarters, gymnasiums, and etc for the station’s work force.

The Core- the large cylindrical hollow core of Planaron. It is the heart of the station and the center of commercial activity. It holds a myriad of restaurants, stores, the infirmary, Star Law offices, and etc.

Storage and Ware Housing- vast percentage of this level is given over to storing refined ore.

Station Defenses- also include aux. hangers and docking. LB x 2, RB x 1.

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