Kahn gak Harkannon

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Kahn gak Harkannon

Postby jedion357 » Sun Dec 23, 2012 6:18 pm

Kahn gak Harkannon (Literally Kahn the Outcast of Clan Harkannon)
Defrocked priest of the Order of Yazira
Warrior Son of Hargut, Guna Garu

Male Yaririan, Age 30, 48 kg, 2 m tall, dusty fur with reddish mane, Golden eyes
Walking 10m, Run 30m, Hourly 4km (Encumbered at 18 kg)
IM: 5, PS: 2, Ranged: 23%, Melee: 33%

STR/STA: 35/35
DEX/RS: 45/45
INT/LOG: 60/70
PER/LDR: 50/50

Primary Skill Area: Science, Secondary Skill Areas: Scholar & Military
Skills: Medic (1), Psych-Social (1), Melee (1), Thrown Weapons (1)

Racial Abilities:
Battle Rage: 5%

Kahn reached warriorhood on Hargut within the clan Harkannon. Clan Harkannon is a follower of the Family of One traditions as well as active in the medical establishment on Hargut. About the time he became a medical intern, Kahn felt called to the priestly ministry. With support of the clan, Kahn sought ordination as a Priest of the Order of Yazira. His earnest faith, tireless devotion and medical skills caused the local overseer (bishop) to nominate him for admission to the Inquisitors, the Family of One's quasi secret religious police.

Having relocated to Hentz for training as an Inquisitor, Kahn was not only schooled more thoroughly in Fo1 theology but also trained in psych-social techniques for his position as an Inquisitor. By and large adherents to the Fo1 theology espouse the Two Wings: all yaririans are one and that the Garden of Yazira will be replanted. However, a new 3rd wing was making in roads to Fo1 theological thought and in particular in the ranks of the Inquisitors: yazirians will inherit the galaxy. This third wing is not orthodox and is not officially endorsed by the Fo1 or the Prime Prelate but the prelate overseeing the Inquisitors endorses it for strongly. The fact that he is one of a very short list of prelates that will be eventually be considered as candidate for replacing the current Prime Prelate does not bode well for the possible changes in Hentz's foreign policy and its relationship to the Council of Worlds and the UPF.

Unfortunately, for Kahn, his clan had a strong scientific tradition that welcomes questioning as a way to get at the truth but the traditions of the Inquisitors could not be any more the antithesis of that of his clan. Kahn openly question the validity of this new 3rd Wing as well as the wisdom of eradicating ecosystems in the favor of the reconstructed Yazira ecosystem noting some of the favorable organisms from Hargut as evidence of the benefit of preserving elements of existing ecosystem along side the Yairan Ecology. Heavy handed stock answers left his honest questions unanswered and thus spurred continued questioning which lead to expulsion from the Inquisitors. The prelate then made an example of him and instigated his expulsion from the Order of Yazira. Fo1's influence is fairly strong on Hargut and his official repudiation by the Family of One meant that Clan Harkannon had little choice but to declare him without honor and essentially outcast.

An outcast without honor and watched by the Inquisitors, Kahn fled Hargut working his passage on a tramp freighter to Prengular. Depression began to overtake him and he took to drinking. The captain, a yazirian from Athor who was not unfamiliar with the heavy handedness of the Family of One took pity on him and gave hive the orphaned honor blades of a clan less yazirian that had been left behind on the ship a decade ago. The captain just could not throw them out or sell them due to the respect and value the yazirians of Athor have for honor blades. Leaving Kahn in Prengular the captain told him, "Go find your honor."

The blades were good quality but lacked the typical adornments that identified them with a clan. Kahn kept them despite only having passing familiarity with the the Kah'dan. He's not even sure what he's going to do with them himself.

Disillusioned over what had happened to him, he took a job on a star liner as ship's doctor headed as far from Hargut as possible. As medical officer for the star liner he had had time to be alone with his thoughts and turned to drink again which lead to his discharge when the ship called at Pale. Nearly broke and dejected he signed up for a survey expedition to some unexplored planet he hadn't even bothered to learn the name of, Volturnus. At Point True, the capitol of Pale he bought a bottle of yazirian brandy, gave his priest's robe to a destitute Sathar War veteran and sat with him to share the bottle while waiting to embark on the Serena Dawn.

Equipment: Total Wt carried: 12 kg (Encumbered at 18 kg)
Credits: 105 Cr
Kah'dan (honor sword) Damage: 3d10, Modifier +10, Defense: inertia, Mass: 2 kg
Zamra (Throwing blade) Damage: 1d10, Rate: 1, Defense: Inertia, Range: PB: 0-5/S: 6-10/M: 11-20/L: 21-30/ Ex: 31-40
Chain mail zamra gauntlet (for casting and catching a zamra)
Small vellum scroll inscribed with a copy of the Code of Inesti (Yazirian Honor code)
Trans Star Lines Uniform coverall- (doctor's insignia)
Vita Salt pills
Toxy Rad Gauge
Sun goggles

Med Kit 10kg
Local Anesthetic- (pain relief)- 10 dose
Plastiflesh- (closes wounds and heals burns)- 5 cans
Omnimycin- (controls infections)- 10 dose
Acid Neutralizer- 1 bottle
Aniseptic- (clean and disinfect a skin area)- 5 cans
Microforcepts (adjustable for removing sharpnel)
Hypo Spray
Biocort (quick heal compound) 8 dose
Telol (truth syrum) 10 dose
Stimdose (revive the unconscious) 10 dose
Staydose 10 dose
Sonic scalpel (cuts plastic, flesh, or metal 5mm deep)
Laser Scalpel (deep incisions)
Antibody Plus (boost immune system against diseases) 10 doses
Antitox (neutralize poisons) 10 dose
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Re: Kahn gak Harkannon

Postby Samlangdon » Mon Dec 24, 2012 9:06 am

Excellent, I really like him.
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