Grekka Ral’Ik’Ka

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Grekka Ral’Ik’Ka

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Grekka Ral’Ik’Ka
Female Vrusk, Age 25, 48 kg, 1.4 m tall, 1.4 m long, purple carapace with bright orange near the joints, Silver Fleck eyes,
Walking 15m, Run 35m, Hourly 6km (Encumbered at 23 kg)
IM: 6, PS: 3, Ranged: 30%, Melee: 30%

STR/STA: 45/45
DEX/RS: 60/60
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 50/50

Primary Skill Area: Military Secondary Skill Area: Pilot Tertiary Skill Area: Tech
Skills: Beam Weapons (1), Ground Vehicles (1), Robotics (1)

Racial Abilities:
Ambidexterity, Comprehension 15%

Grekka Ral’Ik’Ka was born on Kraatar in the Tristkar system to parents who were employed by the Ral’Ik’Ka Vrusk Trade House. As average Vrusk Trade House employees they allowed the company to determine their lives and the lives of their children. This meant Grekka was educated and trained by the Ral’Ik’Ka Security and Police Trade House for the purpose they intended.
Grekka despite showing having good grades and above average reflexes is small for a Vrusk. Ral’Ik’Ka prefer their frontline officers to be large and imposing. They decided she would make a good armored vehicle operator and trained her in both military and ground vehicle operations. Grekka and her family accepted this decision with joy and every effort was put into assisting her reach this goal.
Kraatar is a mixed race planet with a 60/40 split between Humans and Vrusk. In order to encourage racial equality all schools are mixed to expose children to both cultures. While attending elementary school Grekka meet Mary Louisa, a Human girl and the two became BFFs in Human terms. Mary and Grekka shared many things especially since Mary wanted to join the Ral’Ik’Ka Trade House as a police officer. Grekka was thrilled by this and taught Mary about Vrusk society and how to live as a Trade House employee.
Grekka’s parents also supported Mary in her goal but Mary’s parents were a little more hesitant. They wished for both of the young one to experience life more before settling on a career choice. Mary’s parents were old colony farmers who used a large number of robotic machines. Grekka would assist Mary and her parents during the busy times like harvest and found she had an aptitude for fixing the robots and actually enjoyed the work.
Grekka and Mary graduated together and attended the Ral’Ik’Ka Security and Police Trade House academy. After graduation Grekka was assigned to roving farm patrol duty while Mary being 1.7 meters tall and weighing 110 kilograms was given the police job she wanted. Mary was partnered with a Vrusk in an attempt by Ral’Ik’Ka Security and Police Trade House to have Humans see the two races working together. Although they were not assigned together, their duty areas where close enough that the two BFFs were able to rent an apartment together in a Ral’Ik’Ka approved housing area.
Everything was going well until the day Mary and her partner responded to a possible robbery in progress call. The call was actually a trap by the Kraatar Liberation Corps to capture Mary and her partner specifically since they saw a Humans working for the Vrusk as against everything they stood for.
Grekka was returning from her patrol area when she heard the emergency call her friend put out. Responding to it Grekka arrived on scene first, primarily due to other incidents the Kraatar Liberation Corps had created. Grekka took the terrorists by surprise and was able to save Mary and her partner although two of the Kraatar Liberation Corps members escaped.
If Grekka had worked for a Human company she would have been awarded a commendation and hailed as a hero. Ral’Ik’Ka Security and Police Trade House instead charged her with responding inappropriately and misusing company equipment. A review board decided her connection to Mary had an undue influence on her. She quit the Ral’Ik’Ka Security and Police Trade House so that her friend would not face similar repercussions.
Not able to work on Kraatar anymore since she was considered an unacceptable Vrusk and having made a strong enemy out of the Kraatar Liberation Corps, Grekka decided to abandon all she knew, her family, her Trade House and her BFF Mary and leave Kraatar. After some trial and error and using all three of the skills she trained in Grekka made it into the Truane’s Star system and is awaiting the mission to Volturnus.
Equipment: Total Wt carried: 12 kg (Encumbered at 18 kg)
Credits: 75 Cr
Laser Pistol Wgt(kg)Damage1 1d10 per SEU Ammo SEU SEU1-10 Rate 2 Defense Albedo Range(PB5/S20/M50/L100/E200)

Vita Salt pills

• Electrodriver, ion bonding tape, insulated wire, spray lubricant, electrosnips, spray waterproofing--all the same as those in the techkit.
• Lasoldering iron--pen-sized laser soldering iron
• Solder--1-meter roll of conductive soft metal
• Magnetic by-pass clips--10 small connectors used to short-circuit wiring
• Breadboard circuits--5 standard boards for mounting robot circuitry
• Demagnetizer--electrical tool to demagnetize fouled circuits Spray cleaner--spray solvent to remove dirt from the robot's works; 1 0 applications
• Miniature flashlight--20 hours of light; magnetized handle
• Calipers--capable of taking measurements as small as .001 mm
• Needlenose pliers
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