Johny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs

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Johny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs

Postby jedion357 » Sun Mar 03, 2013 7:25 am

Johny Johnson
Portrayed by Anthony Gibbs

Basic Information
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Birth Planet: New Pale

Ability Scores
STR/STA: __/__
DEX/RS: __/__
INT/LOG: __/__
PER/LDR: __/__
Initiative Modifier: __
Punching Score: __
Ranged Weapons: ___
Melee Weapons: ___

Walking: 10 m/turn
Running: 30 m/turn
Hourly: 5 kph

Experience Points
XP: 2

Primary Skill Area: Military

Secondary Skill Area: _____________, ____________

Johnny is from New Pale, the farming planet. The high grav of that world gives him a thick and powerful body. Johnny joined the First Sathar war after lying about his age at 16. After that time Johnny came home to find the family farm mysteriously sold to a large Ag company and his parents and little brother and sister gone.

Johnny, depressed, wandered Pale doing odd security jobs and temp factory work. After a time he met Old Zeek. He met old Zeek while sitting on a crate behind a club smoking a joint. Old Zeek asked to partake in it, and he let the old Yazarian do just that. Old Zeek listened as Johnny poured out all the pain he was faced and his concern for his parents and why they ran off. Old Zeek mentioned that perhaps instead of fretting Johnny should go to the Central Registry and find out exactly what happened on New Pale.

Johnny went to the Central Registry and found that taxes had doubled on New Pale during the war. His family was unable keep the farm up, and had to sell it cheap to an Ag Company. Further research indicated that this company may have ties to Streel. Johnny looked into this further and even went to Streel's office in Point True. Johnny asked and asked but did not get a straight answer. Eventually he was asked to leave the building (and odds are some people got pissed at all the questioning).

Johnny went back to the alley and found Old Zeek. He told Old Zeek what happened, and told him that did feel more in control of his life after looking into the issue. Johnny mentioned that there was possible work he heard about at the wharf. Johnny promised that if he came down with him to the wharf he would put him up in a room (he had taken a liking to the old boy). He even told Old Zeek that surely there was some work that even he could do....especially if he slowed down on the drink. Old Zeek promised he would pause the drinking a little bit to work. After going to the docks he found the advertisement, and was directed to warehouse. Inside the warehouse the doors looked, and crimson gas filled the room, and Johnny and Old Zeek eventually passed out from the gas and woke up in the aforementined perilous situation. [enter his experiences on the Lucky Devil pirate ship and the Serena Dawn]

skien suit (last one issued to him before being discharged after the war- identifies him as a verteran of _______________)
ID card, chronocom
2 knives and a hatchet
a gyrojet pistol and holster with spots of dralasite blood on it. (6 rounds)
spare gyroclip (10 rounds)

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Re: Johny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs

Postby AntGibbs » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:43 pm

Here are his initial stats (I had a good set :) )

STR/STA 70/70
DEX/RS 55/55
INT/LOG 50/45
PER/LDR 50/45

Please assume that I picked up and packed any equipment I could reasonably carry from the survival pack, especially rations and such. Please assume the pistol got packed too. If there are magnigoggles then he definately wants those. For now the chronocom is off.....he does not want the pirates to track him.
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Re: Johny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs

Postby AntGibbs » Sun Mar 03, 2013 5:46 pm

Secondary PSAs are Scout and Technician
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Re: Johny Johnson played by Anthony Gibbs

Postby AntGibbs » Sat Apr 06, 2013 10:28 am

STR/STA 70/70
DEX/RS 55/55
INT/LOG 50/45
PER/LDR 50/45

Handedness: Right
Age: 23
Height: 6'3
Weight: 230 lbs
PS: 4
XPs: 3 (stored)

2 Knives, Hatchet, gyrojet pistol, ID card, chonocom
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