Keeno the Kurabunga

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Keeno the Kurabunga

Postby jedion357 » Thu May 30, 2013 3:05 pm

Keeno is youthful (not quite an adult) 1 meter tall
He's an orphan and as such his prospects at becoming a respected hunter are slimmer than most other youths in the village.
When the hunters came back and told of the battle between the PCs and the hated "sky devils" (the Star Devil pirates) his imagination became inflamed. When Johny Johnson showed some interest in what the locals were doing the youth invited him along for a youthful prank: tossing rocks at acid spitters from the trees. Keeno ventured to the ground to round up rocks for more youthful hi-jinks and was ambushed by an acid spitter. J.J.intervened and saved him. The young kurabunga now idolizes J.J. and to a certain extent the others in the party. He's happy go lucky and prone to youthful pranks like throwing rocks at things he ought not to throw rocks at. He does hope that he might become a great hunter/warrior like he believes J.J. to be and is very much aware of the fact that he's not received instruction as a hunter and had no one to advocate for him to receive the rites of hunter.

Note: Keeno is primitive and uneducated by Frontier standards but by no means stupid. He's mastered enough elements of Pan Gal to converse in choppy conversational communication.

Skills: Throwing (1), basic knowledge of kurabunga society and survival in the forest.

STR/STA: 25/30
DEX/RS: 40/40
INT/LOG: 40/40
PER/LDR: 30/25

Ranged Weapon (thrown): 30%
Melee Weapons: 20%

Punch score: +2
Initiative Modifirer: +4

pouch of rocks and a polyvox (from the team's supply of extras)
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