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Re: Prologue

Postby Shadow Shack » Fri May 02, 2014 11:04 pm

OOC --- Erik is a dwarvish human, S'krpy-in is the vruskan biker that was sent to the precinct. Great dialogue otherwise. 8-)
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Re: Prologue

Postby oTTo » Mon May 05, 2014 12:36 am

OOC - I am trying to learn all these names. Thanks for the correction. Corrections made.
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Re: Prologue

Postby Fragz » Wed May 14, 2014 12:12 am

Baas sure missed his old farm truck, no buttons to figure out. He fumbled around to turn some air on but finally settled for just lowering the window. The radio stations were playing less music now days which made the trip to town seem a little longer, but also gave him time to think about what was going on. Life as he knew it was about to change and he wondered if he would be able to do anything to stop it. He just hoped he could get his hands on a few of them aliens before it was all said and done.

Baas passed a hover car on his way to town and decided to stop and check it out. A human couple and their seven kids, the seventh barely a month old, were evacuating the planet. Baas offered to give them a lift to town to which they readily accepted.

"I can drop you off at the checkpoint but you'll have to talk with the...uh...people in charge there about getting through," said Baas.

Baas stopped at the checkpoint and wished the family good luck. They shook hands and departed. Baas watched them blend into the crowd all holding hands so as not to lose each other. He longed for a family, but perhaps now was not a good time.

He then headed on to the station to pick up some high powered transmitters of some sort. Apparently the military was either setting up extra listening posts or some sort of defense system. Baas backed up to the loading dock and checked in. Soon men were ordered to load up the necessary supplies. He wandered into the station to refill his water bottles while they were loading the truck. A scruffy looking man was checking out the Pale's most wanted posters. Baas decided to glance at them on his way by. Nobody he knew....yet.
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