Michael "Bodger" Rays by Geekmeter11

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Michael "Bodger" Rays by Geekmeter11

Postby jedion357 » Mon Feb 22, 2010 9:55 pm

Name: Michael “Bodger” Rays
Player: Geekmeeter11
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Race: Human
Gender: Male
Handedness: Right
Description: 1 Bonus EXP for a description
Profession: Royal Marine/ Ships Engineer
Rank: Midshipmen
Pay Rate: Base- 120 Rank Bonus- 10 Total- 130/day for 5 days out of 7
Awards: Order of the Royal Companions of Honor
Employer: The Crown of Clarion

STR/STA: 50/60
DEX/RS: 50/60
INT/LOG: 65/70
PER/LDR: 55/40
PS: +3

Walking: 10m
Running: 30m
Hourly: 5m

XP (spent): 27
XP (unspent): 16
Notoriety: 1

Primary PSA: Tech
Secondary PSA: military
Secondary PSA: Physical Sciences

Projectiles 1, Unarmed combat 1, Technician 2, Robotics 1, Star Ship Engineering 1, Thrown Weapons 1

Equipment Carried:
Military skein suite (former uniform stripped of patches) [50 pts]
1 chronocom, ID card, everflame lighter
1 improvised incendiary grenade (must be lit by an open flame- takes 1 combat round then thrown in the second round)
Engineers tool Kit (includes a tech kit plus additional non standard tools added by Bodger's)
Semi automatic pistol: 1.5 kg, Damage: 1d10/bullet, Ammo: 20 rounds, Rate: 3, Defense : inertia, Range: 5/15/30/60/150
Toxy rad gauge

Equipment in "Foot Locker": (This is easily accessible but not carried):
5 sets of Hotel uniforms and hotel Issued cold weather gear.
You won’t be starting with all the issued equipment.

Credits: 800 + 3,900= 4,600 Cr

Background: As a child, Michael was bored in school, always fiddling with something. At 16, he left school and went to work for his uncle Joe Rays, an asteroid miner and owner of the vessel, “Rock Hound IV.” Michael’s fiddling with machines and out of the box fixes earned him the name Bodger among the crew.

After several years of bodging the hell out of the Rock Hound IV, he left for the military and became part of Ground Fleet working in the motor pool. Because of his lack of education, Bodger saw little chance of advancement and left after one tour, though his Sgt. Haldron tried to convince him to stay.

Tracking Uncle Joe to the Clarrion system, only to find out that he left six months earlier, Bodger had taken a job at the Glacier Bay Resort trying to earn enough money to hitch a ride back to the Rock Hound IV.

Military Record:
Honorable Discharge from Ground Fleet.
Awarded Order of the Royal Companions of Honor for actions taken in the Glacier Bay Incident.

Medical Record: No current wounds

Edited by GM after chapter 2.1
edited by GM after investigating the flying dutchman runabout
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Re: Michael "Bodger" Rays by Geekmeter11

Postby geekmeter11 » Tue Mar 09, 2010 8:38 pm

Joe Rays, Asteroid miner
Joe is a middle-aged roughneck who earned enough money to buy the Rock Hound IV from her previous owner when he retired. He is nice and tough; he will sacrifice his ship to save his crew, and head but pirates and schemers who try to steal. Given his business dealings, Joe hears quite a few rumors and can get information from “not so official sources.”
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