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Release 0.0.14

Postby Terl Obar » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:05 pm

I'm getting back to working on this again. I have Linux and Windows versions of this release at the moment. I'm also working right now on a Mac port and will add it in when I get it working (unless it requires some serious changes, in which case that will be release 0.0.15).

Things fixed/added in this release:
  • Implemented almost all of the Advanced Damage table and takes the game out of the basic rules and into the advanced rules.
  • Handle moving off the map. If your ship is in a position it will move off the map at the end of the turn it is considered destroyed and removed from play at the end of the movement phase.
  • Fixed a bug in the custom scenario editor that caused the game to crash if you tried to start an scenario with an assault carrier.

Hammer away and let me know if there is anything strange or wrong happening. I already know about some issues (see list below). If you find anything new, just post a comment here in this thread.

Have fun.

Here are the download files:
Download the Windows version (~2.6 MB)
Download the Linux version (~5.5 MB)

Things that I know don't work yet:
  • Handling moving off the map - need to still allow ships to fire on the turn they move off
  • Allow for extending the map as ships move towards the edge.
  • Mines and Seeker Missiles (this makes a huge difference in the fourth implemented scenario. The UPF really have it hard without their mines :) ).
  • Advanced damage table - Navigation control hit - the game currently does not force you to use all your MR immediately.
  • No repair turn
  • There's a bug when drawing your path moving through a planet's gravity well. Movement still works properly, but isn't drawn correctly.
  • If ships from both sides are in a hex that is fired on with a rocket weapon, the ICM dialog allows you to assign ICMs from ships on both sides.
  • In some instances, you can't fire on ships in the same hex as your ship.
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