Bridge Deck

Bridge access is controlled via the Command Deck Elevator. This elevator has only two stops, the bridge and the crew deck. It has a Level 4 security system (voice+handprint) that is programmed to only recognize the ships crew. All control stations are also secured by the same mechanism.

  1. Captain's chair – Full ship controls (flight, astrogation, engineering, gunnery) Nominally inactive primarily used for monitoring ship systems.
  2. Astrogation Station – Controls and computer access for plotting jumps and in-system navigation
  3. Pilot's Station – Piloting controls for maneuvering the ship.
  4. Engineering Station – Computer access and controls for monitoring the ships systems and controlling ships robots.
  5. Communications and Sensors Station – Operates all ships sensors (camera systems, radar, energy sensors, radios, etc.) This station also controls the ship's decoys.
  6. Gunnery Station (LB) – Control station for Laser Battery I
  7. Gunnery Station (LB) – Control station for Laser Battery II
  8. Gunnery Station (LB) – Control station for Laser Battery III
  9. Gunnery Station (Torpedos) – Control Station for the Torpedo launcher
  10. Bridge Head – Basic sanitation facilities for those working on the bridge. (So you don't have to go too far)
  11. Command Deck Elevator – 2m diameter circular elevator can hold up to 4 beings. Level 4 biometric (voice, handprint) security system. Only allows crew access.
  12. Ship Machinery – Various ship machinery fills the remaining space on this level.

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