Common Areas Deck

This deck contains the common areas of the ship and provides areas for rest and relaxation. It also contains the general acceleration couches for passenger use in the event of combat and a lifeboat.

  1. Main Ship Elevator – See description on the Crew deck. Access to this deck is unrestricted via this elevator.
  2. Hallway – Two meter wide hallway providing access to the various room on this deck.
  3. Cafeteria/lounge – This room has a huge window wall which can be covered as needed but allows crew and passengers to look out at the stars. This is the main dining area of the ship.
  4. Lounge Head – Sanitation facilities for the lounge.
  5. Kitchen – This is a first class, restaurant quality kitchen (it can also produce just plain old ship rations if you really want).
  6. Pantry – Food stuffs and storage for food preparation
  7. Refrigerator/freezer – Cold storage for food stuffs.
  8. Gardens – Flowers, fruit trees, herbs, etc. A nice relaxing area to have a bit of the natural world even when cooped up on board. This room is protected by pressure doors and is not depressurized during combat. It has a double hull construction along the outer wall to prevent depressurization in the event of an outer hull breech. The door between the kitchen and the gardens is secured to prevent passenger access.
  9. Large Conference Room – This room will seat up to 20 beings and contains all the necessary gizmos, gadgets and computer access for meetings and presentations. It also has its own head and direct access to the gardens for breaks.
  10. Small Conference Room – Sets 8 and designed for smaller meetings.
  11. Ship Theater – This full theater has an 8 meter wide screen and sets 25 beings each in their own individual chairs. The chairs in the theater double as acceleration couches and can each hold a spacesuited being during combat maneuvers. This is the battle stations location for all passengers.
  12. Private computer room 1 – this room is designed as a private computer/entertainment room. It has a large desk, computer terminal and video monitor. It provides access to the ship's computer based on the user's security access and can show all entertainment options available in the theater but on a smaller (1.5m) screen.
  13. Private computer room 2 – Mirror image of computer room 1 with the same functionality
  14. Locker Room – This room has a bank of lockers in the middle of the room for storing personal belongings while in the sauna/steam room (16) or the gym (17)
  15. Changing room/head – This rooms provide space to change in to workout gear and personal hygiene stations.
  16. Sauna/Steam Room – This room can be configured as a sauna or steam room. A popular stop for the Dralisite crew and passengers, this room allows for the addition of Dralisite steam bath additives as desired.
  17. Gym – This room contains a large exercise mat in the middle of the room as well as exercise equipment around the perimeter, treadmills, exercise bikes, weight sets as well as other equipment is available in both standard and Vrusk models.
  18. Lifeboat – The lifeboat for this level. This is a standard Knight Hawks lifeboat and can seat up to 20 beings in a pinch. When launched the outer hull opens and the lifeboat ejects itself and begins accelerating away from the ship.

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