Crew Deck

This is the crew quarters level. The rooms are all spacious and well appointed (better than 1st class minimum requirements) Each room is keyed (level 4 voice and handprint recognition) to the crew member the room belongs to. All rooms contain a large desk, small table three chairs, wardrobe, bed and private bath.

  1. Command Deck Elevator – see description on the Bridge deck.
  2. Main ship access elevator – This elevator runs the entire length of the ship except for the bridge. It holds up to 4 beings at one time. The elevator has a level 4 security system (voice and hand print) that restricts access to certain levels. The only levels fully accessible by anyone (crew and passengers) are the Passenger, Common, and Airlock decks. All other decks are restricted to those designated in the security system. Access to this deck is restricted to crew members. This elevator has a high priority override, accessible by the crew to prevent intermediate stops and which puts the elevator into high speed mode.
  3. Cabin access hallway – this 2m wide hallway provides access to all of the crew staterooms
  4. Crew Cabin
  5. Crew Cabin
  6. Crew Cabin
  7. Crew Cabin
  8. Crew Cabin
  9. Crew Cabin
  10. Crew Cabin
  11. Crew Cabin
  12. Crew Cabin
  13. Crew Cabin
  14. Crew Cabin
  15. Crew Cabin

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