Engineering Deck 2

This engineering deck contains two engineering stations as well as a lot of storage and access to the ships engines.

  1. Main Access Elevator – This is the elevator that connects the deck to the rest of the ship. See the description in the Crew Deck section. Access to this deck is restricted to crew memebers.
  2. Cargo elevator – See description on Engineering Deck 1.
  3. Access hallway – This large hallway provides access to the Engine Access tunnels as well the various storage areas on this deck. It is designed for move large pieces of equipment around with ease.
  4. Engineering Station 1 – This station allows the monitoring and control of the ships systems ranging from engines to life support to control of the ship's robots.
  5. Engineering Station 2 – Identical to Engineering Station 1
  6. Engineering Head – Sanitation facilities for crew working on this deck.
  7. Escape pod 1 – Escape pod for crew working on this deck.
  8. Escape pod 2 – Escape pod for crew working on this deck.
  9. Storage
  10. Storage
  11. Storage
  12. Storage
  13. Storage
  14. Storage
  15. Engine Access Tunnel
  16. Engine Access Tunnel
  17. Engine Access Tunnel
  18. Engine Access Tunnel
  19. Engine Access Tunnel
  20. Engine Access Tunnel
  21. Engine Access Tunnel
  22. Engine Access Tunnel
  23. Inssuit Storage – This room holds a dozen inssuit used by engineers when working on the engines.
  24. Storage

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