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30th Anniversary Logo

With the 30th Anniversary of Star Frontiers just around the corner, several activities and projects are being organized to commemorate this great game. As such, we decided to design a commemorative logo for the event which is shown here. Feel free to use it in projects and events related to the 30th Anniversary of Star Frontiers. Just please attribute the logo's creator. The 35th Anniversary Logo is also now available.


All aspects of the emblem relate to the Star Frontiers game:

  • Outer Band - The colors of the outer band are the purple and blue highlighting used on the original Star Frontiers Boxed set and Basic and Expanded Rule books. The font used for the Star Frontiers name is the same font used as in the original Star Frontiers Logo. The dates are done in numbers that have been stylized to match the text font.
  • Sunrise Over Planet - The sunrise represents dawn and is a tribute to the Alpha Dawn desgination give to the original character rules in their second printing. It represents the opportunities of a new day as well as new worlds to explore.
  • Assault Scout - Probably the iconic ship from the Knight Hawks rules the Assault Scout represents the addition of detailed spacecraft rules in the game.
  • Star Clusters - The three sets of stars represent the various groups of races in the Star Frontiers 'canon'. The cluster of four star represent the "core four" races: Humans, Yazirians, Dralasites, and Vrusk. The cluster of three stars represent the native races of The Rim: Ifshnit, Humma, and Osakar. The single red star represents the Sathar, the enemy race of the Frontier and Rim.
  • 30th Anniversary Text - This text commemorates the 30th anniversary of the publication of the original Star Frontiers ruleset.

Copyright and Attribution

Creator: Tom Stephens
Copyright: 2011 - Tom Stephens - Released under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported License.File:CreativeCommons-bynd-image.png. The exception to the no derivative limitation of the license is that the image may be scaled as needed for use in the desired setting.