A Pale Beginning

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This game is being run (initially) as a play-by-post game here on the Star Frontiers Network Game Forums. The game forums can be reached here.

The game is set on Pale in the Truane's Star system at the beginning of the First Sathar War. Characters will start out on Pale as the invasion occurs and will attempt to survive and fight back against the Sathar invaders. Game background information, house rules, and a list of the player and non-player characters are given in the sections below


Background Information


It is Pale Year (PY) 173, which at some future date will be known as year 3 pre Federation (pf). Pale has been colonized for 173 years and has grown a sizable population. There are cities scattered all over the planet. The capitol is located at Point True and has a population of several hundred thousand. While the population is predominantly human, there is a significant representation of the other three major Frontier races. The racial breakdown is 46% human, 23% Yazirian, 18% Dralisite, and 13% Vrusk.

The Pan Galactic Corporation wields considerable influence in all aspects of life but there are many small local companies that are holding on in competition. For example, Streele Mining actually controls a majority of the mining and surveying work done on the planet. They may buy tools and robots from PanGal, but the contracts and jobs are held through Streele.

Just within the past two years, a few ships of alien design have appeared from the direction of the Xagyg Dust Cloud. These ships have been merchantmen, carrying members of strange new races and tales of worlds beyond the Frontier. These races, the Ifshnit, Humma, and Osakar, have a confederation of worlds beyond the Xagyg Dust Cloud and seem to have friendly intentions toward the members of the Frontier races.

Pale Physical Information

Pale orbits it's primary, Truane's Star, in the outer portions of the star's habitable zone. This causes the average temperature on Pale to be fairly low resulting in fairly cold and severe winters and cool summers. Pale is also a slightly smaller world with a surface gravity of only 0.9 g.

In addition to the cool weather, Pale orbits very slowly on it's axis, completing one revolution every 55 standard hours. As such the local population has divided the day into four working time periods:

  • Day-day: Corresponds to the 13 hours starting roughly 1 hour after sunrise. This is the typical working time when the sun is up.
  • Day-night: This corresponds to the next 14 hour period and is typically a rest period although the sun is still shining. Because this rest period occurs during daylight hours, all houses on Pale have windows or curtains allowing rooms to be completely "blacked out" to simulate darkness and night time even though the sun is still up.
  • Night-day: This is the 13 hour work period occuring during the local night. Since this is a time of major work and transportation, all the streets and buildings of Pale are well lit to provide a semblance of daylight during this work period. When seen from orbit, the cities and towns of Pale in the Night-day part of the cycle blaze with light.
  • Night-night: This is the final 14 hour rest period that occurs during the local night time.

The extra hour is added in to either the Day-day or Night-day period depending on the season, the hour being added to the Day-day in the summer when the days are longer and the Night-day in the winter when the nights are longer.

Typical work periods are 10 hours long during the Day-day and Night-day periods although there are many graveyard and swing shift positions that run during other hours.


Character Generation

Player Characters

Non-Player Characters

House Rules



Tech Specs