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Stellar type: K1
Stellar color: Orange - Yellow

Dramune has two habitable planets: Inner Reach and Outer Reach.

System History

The Dramune System was first colonized in 302 PF by the Dralasites, whose race expanded into the Frontier from the direction of Fromeltar. Witin several decades of the founding of the first settlemen, members of all four races were living on both Inner and Outer Reaches.

At first, the two planets developed in peaceful harmony. trade flourished between them as this is on e of the few systems having more than one habitable planet, and cheap system ships could be used for commerce. After several centuries, however, philosophical differences began to separate the two societies. The dramically different living conditions on the two planets caused them to develop along dissimilar paths, creating one of the most bitter sand long-standing conflicts in the Frontier.

System Display

Four planets orbit Dramune. The middle two are habitable. Tendrils extend from teh Xagyg Dust Could int the system, reaching even beyond the orbit of the outermost planet. (Astronomer's Note: This wouldn't work. The outer most planet would clear this out if it was in the plane of the system and the solaor wind would prevent this from happening in the first place.')



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