Gideon Pai-jon

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Gideon Pai-jon portrayed by Shadow Shack

Basic Information Race: Yazirian, Nievara clan Gender: Male Age: 32years Handedness: Right Height: 2.21m Weight: 59kg Birth Planet: Hargut (Gruna Garu)

Ability Scores STR/STA: 55/65 DEX/RS: 70/60 INT/LOG: 55/55 PER/LDR: 40/40 Initiative Modifier: +6 Punching Score: +3 Ranged Weapons: 35% Melee Weapons: 35%

Movement Walking: 10 m/turn Running: 30 m/turn Hourly: 4 kph

Racial Abilities Battle Rage: 5% Night Vision: -15 to all actions in full light without eye protection. Gliding: Can glide 1m forward for each 1m dropped.

Skills Primary Skill Area: Military Martial Arts: Level 1 Melee Weapons: Level 1

Secondary Skill Area: Scientist, Scholar Environmental: Level 1

Background Gideon Pai-jon hails from the polar regions of Hargut, made apparent by his pale skin and thick white fur that is typical of Nievara clan yazirians. As such he is not as susceptible to freezing climates but will find hot arid climates quite uncomfortable.

He had a profitable career with Streel Corporation's Department of Military Development, where he enjoyed a seven year tenure as a project leader responsible for testing and evaluating dozens of prototype pieces of equipment. He is very business savvy and did well financially, investing heavily in Streel Corporation stock along with other interstellar mutual funds. He was in a position of wealth and power, the subject of much envy.

One day he discovered that a major buyer of Streel hardware was linked to the Free Frontiersmen Foundation, who reputedly participated in several terrorist anti-UPF operations. His conscience got the better of him, and he quietly stepped down without a word. Fearing retribution, Streel had their banks freeze his assets. He began to receive periodic visits from MerCo goons at home, some of which he was able to dispatch and others who got the better of him. Eventually he was framed and arrested for embezzlement and fraud. He had enough funds in private accounts along with the sale of most of what he owned to pay for a defense team that weas able to clear his name against Streel's legal team, but when the dust settled he had little more than the shirt on his back.

He now finds himself stranded in Truane's Star, looking for work. _____________________________________________________________________________

Equipment Total Wt carried: 25 kg (Encumbered at 27 kg) Currency: 2 Credits to rub together for good luck

SEP: chronocom, ID, decommissioned Streel coveralls, stimdose, staydose (1kg) Sun goggles Military Skeinsuit (1 kg) Katana & Wakizashi (long and short sword, 2kg each) Doze Grenade (from SEP)

Convertible backpack/attache case (decommissioned Streel) Vita Salt pills Toxy Rad Gauge Gas Mask Rope (25m, 1kg) 2 water packs (4kg each) EnviroKit (10kg) > BioScanner > VaporScanner > GeoScanner