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|'''Average Surface Temp.:'''|| 29 degrees C
|'''Average Surface Temp.:'''|| 29 degrees C
|'''Atmopshere:'''|| 70% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 9% inert gasses
|'''Gravity:'''|| 0.8101
|'''Gravity:'''|| 0.8101

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Colonizers: Dralasites
Population: Medium, Agriculture, Industry
Climate Range: warm to hot; Mostly humid
Average Surface Temp.: 29 degrees C
Atmopshere: 70% nitrogen, 21% oxygen, 9% inert gasses
Gravity: 0.8101
Diameter: 8,892 km
Moons: 1
Length of Day: 20 hours
Artificial Satellites: Armed Space Station
Trade Station



  1. Dayhigh - blue, completes orbit in 20 days (from SFKH1)

Note: Zebulon's Guide calls this moon Pell and says it has an agriculture resources rating'


Inner Reach has an unusual local custom. The Dralasites that live there dye their skin various colors to show their mood for the day. The dyes wash off easily. SynthCorp built its own city, Synthtown, on Inner Reach as its base of operations.

Physical and Geographical Aspects

Inner Reach is a world that most creatures would describe as "pleasant." Temperatures are warm, and a stable orbit creates little climate change from season to season. Large lakes and seas break up the land masses with an ever-flowing pattern of water. Rain usually falls at night, leaving days that are sunny and hot.

The land masses of Inner Reach vary from rugged, snow-capped mountains to lush, flat grasslands and towering forests. Flowers, in thousands of brilliant varieties, bloom year-round on every terrain.

A rich and varied animal life has evolved. in this prime habitat, including insects, reptiles, mammals, and fish. The most intelligent animal is the chukkah, a mammal 1 1/2 meters from its nose to the tip of its tail. The chukkah does not have a high reasoning capacity, but it is far more intelligent than most animals.

Political and Cultural Aspects

Inner Reach is perhaps the most successful example of the ancient ideal of an enlightened society. Poverty and disease are almost nonexistent. A robust economy produces fruits, vegetables, and a wide variety of unique spices. The planet is famed for its many fine food products, some of which are so valued that they are shipped to all parts of the Frontier. A small industrial segment of the economy processes these foods and produces the machinery needed for farming Inner Reach's lands.

A republican democracy forms the planetary government, which takes a remarkably casual approach to rule. Laws stress individual rights above all else. The system works because the population, by and large, is very responsible. Crimes are rare on Inner Reach, and punishments generally involve reeducating the offenders. Surgical rehabilitation is used in only the most extreme cases.

Inner Reach's original Dralasite settlers have long been obscured by the many immigrants who continue to arrive. The planet's population is approaching half a billion, but vast expanses of unsettled land have prevented any problems of crowding. The government has enacted strict laws that protect the environment and set aside several small continents as planetary parks and preserves. Several decades ago the chukkah became the the planetary symbol. To protect their beloved mascot, the citizens of Inner Reach enacted stiff laws to deter any who might molest or harm the creature.

Several Commerce stations orbit Inner Reach, providing a base for the planet's militia and the trading vessels that cross the system dozens of times each day. Majora Station, the largest Commerce station, also serves as a base for Spacefleet vessels in the system.

The inhabitants of Inner Reach harbor a burning hatred for their neighbors on Outer Reach, regarding them as a crude collection of lawless hoodlums and thugs. Friction is high between the governments of the two planets; every 20 or 30 years, the tension erupts into a shootinm war. The last of these wars occurred in 36 FY. Outer Reach can muster a large force of warships, and only the intervention of the UPF Spacefleet has saved Inner Reach from conquest by its militant neighbor.

Because of its lively economy, Inner Reach is well represented in the Council of the United Planetary Federation. It is this influence that has allowed the planet to acquire the Spacefleet's aid; the fleet normally does not participate in interplanetary conflicts.

Aside from the rather infrequent shooting wars, the pleasant environment and great personal freedom combine to make Inner Reach one of the most desirable of the Frontier worlds for living, working, or playing.


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