Laser Sniper Rifle

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'''Laser Sniper Rifle'''
'''Laser Sniper Rifle'''
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|Cost:|| 1,500 CR
|Cost:|| 1,500 CR

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Laser Sniper Rifle

by Larry Moore

Sniper rifles are specialized rifles that allow characters to take out enemies from a distance with deadly accuracy. Based on the characters skill level and SEU setting, it's entirely possible to one-shot-kill an opponent that is unprotected by an albedo suit or screen.

Like the Semi-Automatic Sniper Rifle in Star Frontiersman Issue 4 of this webzine, the laser sniper is equipped with electronic range determination and targeting guidance, which halves the penalties associated with range. (AD pg.13 Telescopic Sites, "use the range modifier for the next closer range").

Laser sniper rifles have an extremely long range. They typically have a non-reflective finish – often coated in a flat black paint or camouflage. They have folding bipod struts that can be extended in order to steady the aim of the shooter and can be broken down to fit inside a gun case.

To-Hit Example Harry has a DEX of 50, PSA Military with Beam Lvl 3. He fires at a target who has soft cover at 800m. 25 [1/2 DEX] + 30 [Lvl 3] -20 [Long range w/ Scope] +15 [Aiming] -10 [Soft] = 40%
Damage Example Harry set his rifle to 10 SEU so that damage would be 10d10 * 3 [Lvl]. Harry rolls a 51. 51 x 3 = 153 points of damage. I hope the target NPC had an albedo suit or screen.

Laser Sniper Rifle

Cost: 1,500 CR
Weight: 5kg
Damage 1d10 per SEU *
Ammo: 20 SEU PowerClip or power belt/back pack
Rate: 1
Defense: Albedo
Range: 20/100/500/1km/2km
Ammo Cost: Standard SEU PowerClip (100Cr)
Skill: Beam Weapons
  • Characters of Military PSA may multiply their Beam Weapons skill level times the damage rolled, but only if he takes two turns doing nothing but aiming. (Skill Level x Damage)