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Side View of the Dart
Top View of the Dart
Detailed deck plans
Cutaway showing deck placement

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The TSSS Dart is a custom designed hull size 2 vessel built for Obar Entprises. It is designed as a multi function vessel capable of both interstellar and atmospheric flight. Lightly armed with a Pod Laser Turret and Reflective hull, this ship can carry up to eight beings. It has a one unit cargo bay as well for carrying small loads or extra equipment. This vessel was commissioned as the operational base for the new Obar Enterprises troubleshooting team.

The bridge, crew, passenger and engineering decks are aligned perpendicular to the main engine thrust axis for standard space flight. The Flying Bridge and the middeck (which doubles as the airlock) are aligned parallel to the main thrust axis for atmopsheric operations. A single elevator shaft connect all the various levels of the ship.