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The technician's toolkit contains all of the tools needed to make field reparis on vehicles and other equipment. Because plasteel is used to make so many items that formerly were made of steel or iron, the kit weights only 20 kg and can be carried in a backpack. A techkit contains:

Socket wrench- adjustable from 5mm to 5 cm

Open end wrench- adjustable as socket wrench

Electrodrive- rotates all shapes and size of screws and bolts

Insulated wire- 10 meters

Uninsulated wire- 25 meters, can support 2,000 kg

Prybar- 1 meter plasteel rod, collapses to 10 cm

Jack- 5000kg capacity, .5 meter lift, collapses to 200 cm cube

Hammer- large ballpeen high impact head

Ion bonding tape- 10 cm wide x 5 meters long, bonds directly to any metal

Plastibond- tube of plastic filler, bonds to any plastic surface in one minute; 5 applications

500 nuts, bolts, clamps, screws and nails

10 hoses of assorted sizes

Electrosnips- powered metal cutting shears (sheet metal only)

Magnegrips- electromagnetic vicegrips

Spray Lubricant-10 applications of pressurized synthoil

Spray waterproofing- will insulate circuits cloth, etc., from moisture; 5 applications.

Cost: 500 Cr, Wgt.: 12 kg

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