The Devil's Lair

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You received a tip that the Star Devil has a personal hideout in the Grey Mist Mountains to the southeast. You have a general location and description of the mountain peak the lair is in. After all the trouble the Star Devil's organization has caused you since entering the Zebulon system, a little payback is in order and a raid on his private lair is just the ticket. There's even a chance he might be present in person.

This game is a raid on an unknown facility and is designed for low to mid level characters. It is set at the conclusion of the original Volturnus trilogy.


Characters should be generated with 50XP of experience over their original two skills. They are allowed up to 1500 cr worth of equipment plus one screen and beltpack to power it. If they have a skill that normally starts with a kit (i.e. tech, robocom, medical or enviro), they get that as well, if they choose not to take a kit, they may choose a single pistol or rifle weapon. The kit or weapon doesn't count toward the 1500 cr equipment limit.

If you don't want to generate a character you can select one of the pregenerated characters to use in the game.