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[[Category: Planet]]
[[Category: Planet]]
[[Category: Planets]]

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Colonizers: * (mixture of all races)
Population: Heavy, Industry, High Tech Industry
Gravity: 1.1
Moons: 1
Length of Day: 30 hours
Artificial Satellites: Armed Space Station
Docking Station



  1. Evergleem - Colonization


Triad is a major industrial planet where very high technology items are manufactured and sold. Cassidine Development Corporation has its headquarters in the planets's capital, New Hope. Interplanetary Industries has its huge, fortress-like headquarters based in Lake Vast, the major starport. Nesmith Enterprises of Triad occupies most of the Malicon Valley's developmental sites as its headquarters.

Other Information

Triad is one of the trade and industrial centers of the Frontier, generally referred to as one of the Hub Worlds. Nearly all the large corporations have offices and production facilities on planet or in close orbit.

There are several smaller corporations with facilities on Triad and in orbit. All of these companies are limited to the Cassidine system at present, but are attempting to expand their activities outsystem.

Aramax Power Factors (APF) is one of these smaller corporations, with interest in a number of fields including mining, shipping and, of course, power generation and distribution. At present the company supply over half of Triad's power requirement, but its main competitor, Sunpower Inc, is attempting to expand its market share.

APF Ground Site One (ARAMAX ONE) is the collection array for a system of solar power satellites which supply the indust¬rial belt round Triad Low Starport.

Aramax One is also the site of APF's central computer. It organises the power distribution network, the maintenance of the collection arrays and satellites, and handles the company record keeping. Although the company has other computers at its other offices and facilities, the Aramax One machine is vital to the running of the company.


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