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Rank & Pay

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FLIGHT TRAINEE: initial rank upon entering any Star Fighter Training School. No pay is recieved during this phase as the entire portion of the time spent inthis rank is schooling, but room and board along with other benefits are granted to enrolled students. Trainees are designated by a uniform with no rank markings.

FLIGHT CADET: rank granted upon succesful completion and certification from Training School. Take-home pay is 50Cr/day

FLIGHT OFFICER: This rank is bestowed upon Cadets following combat missions, based on performance. Take-home pay is 75Cr/day

LIEUTENANT: First major promotion, typically granted between half a year to a full year of service but often issued quicker during pressing circumstances such as war or lengthy battles. Take-home pay is 100Cr/day

SQUADRON LEADER: The most senior rank among a six unit squadron is Squadron Leader, often bestowed upon Lieutenant grades as needed although on occasion exceptional Flight Officers will get bumped up to this position in dire emergencies. LVL:2 Pilot skill required. Take-home pay is 150Cr/day. Please note that a Squad Leader does not neccesarily outrank another Lieutenant on the ground, this is merely the recognized leader in a six unit squadron.

CAPTAIN: Lengthy service with exceptional performance is rewarded with the Captain rank. Typically 1-2 years following the Lieutenant promotion and LVL:3 Pilot skill minimum and at least half a year of Squadron Leader status required prior to advancement to this grade. Take-home pay is 200Cr/day. Captains command all flights and squadrons and outrank all their pilots in a group, save for the Wing Commander. In fighter groups smaller than a Wing the Captain is treated as a Wing Commander in all respects, although when any friendly carriers that arrive insystem bearing a complete fighter wing, the Captain would temporarily fall under that squadron's Wing Commander for the duration of their stay.

WING COMMANDER: Loyal Captains eventually recieve the coveted Commander position. The Wing Commander rank will not be issued to Captains serving in smaller fighter groups, in order to earn the rank one must serve under an actual Fighter Wing or be promoted to a Wing that needs a Commander. LVL:4 pilot skill is required along with a minimum of two years service as a Captain, although during wartime Squad Leaders may be promoted to Wing Commander, although this has yet to happen it is still possible if needed. Take-home pay is 250Cr/day

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