Kurt Daxxo

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Kurt Daxxo

Postby Lord Gwydion » Wed Sep 24, 2008 6:53 pm

Character Name: Kurt Daxxo
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Handedness: Right
Walking/Running/Hourly Speeds: 10/30/5
Height/Weight: 1.91m, 80kg
Age: 27
Birth Planet: Epsilon Minor

STR/STA: 45/50 (Human bonus)
DEX/RS: 60/60
INT/LOG: 50/50
PER/LDR: 45/45
PS: +3
IM: +6
MW: 30%
RW: 30%

Current STA: 50
Defenses Mil. Skeinsuit (50 points)

Racial Abilities: None

XP: 0

Pay/Day: 70 credits

Credits: (1d100 + 250=311) 41

Skills (PSA = Biosocial)
Environmental 1
Analyze Ecosystems 40%
Analyze Samples 60%
Concealment 20%
Find Directions 60%
Make Tools/Weapons 100%
Naming 100%
Stealth 30%
Survival 50%
Tracking 40%
Projectile Weapons 1

Equipment (17kg)
Auto Pistol (Hit 40%/60%, Dmg 1d10/5d10, RoF 3/1, Range: 5/15/30/60/150)
5 Pistol Bulletclips (100 rounds)
Auto Rifle (Hit 40%/60%, Dmg 1d10/5d10, RoF 3/1, Range: 10/40/100/150/300)
5 Rifle Bulletclips (100 rounds)
2 Doze Grenades (Hit 30%, Dmg Sleep, RoF 1, Range 5/10/15/25/50)
Axe (Hit 35%, Dmg 2d10+3, RoF 1, Range 5/10/15/20/25)
5 Days' Survival Rations
Vitasalt Pills
Water Pack

Character History
Kurt Daxxo was a wildlife researcher, working with the famous Dralasite Dr. Kelbrieo Grux, Epsilon Minor's leading expert on the flora and fauna of the planet. As the team spent much of their time in uninhabitted regions, the problems with the Streel Corp. were far from Kurt's mind. Unfortunately, the trouble came to them. A band of mercenaries, apparently lost in the wilderness, came upon their camp and decided to take everything of value. The researchers fought back, and several were killed. Some fled, others were taken prisoner.

Kurt was one of the researchers taken prisoner by the mercs, but was released when Streel checked into his background and found him to be unimportant. Humiliated by his treatment as a prisoner, and unsure if Dr. Grux was killed or fled, Kurt joined the resistance. He hopes to some day learn of what happened to his mentor. In the mean time, he has a score to settle with Streel and the mercenaries they employ.
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Re: Kurt Daxxo

Postby cliff » Sat Sep 27, 2008 10:29 am

Character looks good.
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