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Type Medium Carnivore
Number 1-2
Move Fast (90m/turn)
IM/RS +6/60
Stamina 80
Attack 70 two front claws and one bite
Damage 2d10 each claw, 2d10 bite
Special Attack Rake with rear claws for +3d10 if

both front claws successfully hit.

Special Defense None
Native World Hentz mountains

The ambrikahn are grey or reddish in color, and have tough skin stretched tightly over large muscles. Their body is almost feline in shape, though their heads have long muzzles more like a canine. Large ears sweep back when in action, but flop simply when the beast is at rest. Its powerful front claws are obvious, and do not retract. When attacking, the ambrikahn is a graceful awe-inspiring work of art.

The ambrikahn were not transplanted to Hentz during the great Yazirian Relocation. They were native to Waloo (Pavor) where they were a constant source of worry for young children playing outdoors in the mountains. The engineers and terraformists omitted them from the migration process.

Unfortunately, they kept the population of ground shanks in check, and since the shanks were transplanted, their numbers spread unchecked across the land, devouring valuable resources.

So the ambrikahn was brought over and allowed to flourish, and lives now in the mountains, coming down only to hunt its preferred prey: the ground shank.

The ambrikahn are stealthy, and prey have a -20 to their Intuition roll to avoid surprise. Their senses are keen, as they are natural predators, so they have a 70% chance to avoid being surprised.

If both front claws hit successfully, the ambrikahn can automatically rake with its rear claws for an additional 3d10 damage.