Arturo DaGathuro

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Character Name: Arturo DaGathuro
Player: Daniel O'Neil


Basic Information

Race: Human
Sex: Male
Handedness: Right
Age: 33
Home: True Point, Pale

Ability Scores
STR/STA 45/45
DEX/RS 50/50
INT/LOG 70/70
PER/LDR 50/50
IM: 5
RW: 28
MW: 28

Racial Abilities: N/A


Walking: 10m/turn
Running: 30m/turn
Hourly: 4km/hr

XP (spent): 35
XP (unspent): 19



Primary: Linguist
Secondary: Scholar
Secondary: Military

  • Vrusk Language level 3
  • Economics level 2
  • Melee weapons level 2
  • Ground vehicles level 1


  • Business suit (civilian skeinsuit of business design) (500)
  • Briefcase with assorted documents
  • Pen
  • Chronocom (100)
  • ID Card
  • Company passkey
  • Fencing foil (blunted, unable to harm) (100)
  • Pocket Guide to Vrusk dialects (75)
  • Sungoggles (2)


A business manager with a local vrusk owned company. Arturo lives a very organized and routine life. His parents had retired in a high rise condo in the city, he saw them often. Classes in vrusk language during his university years helped improve his position many times. A network of friends dating back to university fencing team also helps make Arturo well informed. Much of his career has been decided with prior knowledge others didn't have and using it to his favor.

Recently Arturo found himself aspiring to leave the business world and possibly go into teaching. While able to rise to a decent position with the company and a pay grade to match, Arturo felt more inclined to help mature ripe minds for the future of Frontier commerce. His favorite hobby being the vrusk language, deciphering their countless non-verbal communication cues was a past time with some of his friends during his days at the university.

NPC Contacts

  • Arktavian DaGathuro - Father - retired, economic consultant
  • Magdelatilda DaGathuro - Mother - retired, linguist professor
  • Prof. Egidor Klek - consultant from the university with the company Arturo works. The two have been translating old texts of vrusk origin detailing early currency trading and tracking.