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Assassin Bot
Level Level 5 - can converse verbally, act independently, and can command other robots of Level 1-4
Type Warbot
Body Type Heavy Duty Body
Parabattery Type 2
Move Mode Two Mechanical Legs/Rocket Power
Move Rate 10m/turn normal, 120m/turn max.
Rocket: 900kph max/100kph cruise
Limbs Two Mechanical Arms
IM/RS +8/80
Stamina 500
Attack 80
Damage laser pistol: 1-10d10 shoots from chest twin monoblade katanas: 4d10ea martial arts: 6d10
Programs Attack/Defense, Security Lock, Search & Destroy, Computer Link
Equipment Chronocom, power light, IR Goggles, Magnigoggles, Toxy-Rad Guage, Laser Pistol, 2 mono-blade katanas, Albedo Screen, Military Skeinsuit, Power Backpack, 5 fragmentation grenades, 5 tangler grenades
  • Find, Approach, and Destroy Target, return with Proof.
  • Find: Use all methods available, through resourceful planning and use of established contacts, technology, and innovation, to find the target anywhere in the Frontier.
  • Approach: Once the target is Found, using any transportation method possible and most appropriate to the situation, find a way to be in the same place as the target at the same time. Subtlety is not necessary, but may be used if necessary for the situation. Try not to kill those who get in the way, including personal protectors of the Target, unless failing to do so would result in failure of the mission.
  • Destroy: In the most direct manner, cause the target to be dead, through the use of weapons, environment, or any other factor that comes into play. Do not destroy completely – must bring back some part of the target for identification purposes.
  • Target: The identity of the target will be programmed in via photograph scans and various other methods, including all known details of the target’s life. The greater the definition of the Target, the more efficiently the Assassin Bot will be able to track and destroy it. Note that “Target” need not be a person. It can also be a creature, item, or location, which can result in some fairly impressive firework displays.
  • Proof: Proof can be provided by bringing back evidence that cannot be denied in any way – such as a finger, head, or un-tampered holovideo recording or living first-hand witness.

Wartech surprised the Frontier when it created the first marketed Assassin bot. It was outsourced to Tachyon Industries, but proprietary rights to their production and programming belong to Wartech. Before this, robots designed for search and destroy were marketed as “hunter bots” or “seekers.” Wartech went out on a limb, defied morality polls and called this marvelous creation exactly what it is.

They work alone, using the creativity and insight of a level 5 robot brain. They maintain their own network of contacts, paying them and protecting them if necessary. They link to computer systems to navigate their catalogs, itineraries, manifests, and inventories in order to seek out their target, or clues to his existence. Once on the trail of their target, the Assassin Bot stops at nothing.

Once activated, an employer must take excellent care of his Assassin Bot, lest it thinks its employing owner is interfering with his mission. When given a target, the Assassin Bot may ask for high resources and vehicles, and if it is within the capabilities of the owner, it better be provided.

The Assassin Bot prefers to attack with two weapons. It is ambidextrous, so has no “off hand” penalty. It still suffers the -10 for attacking with two weapons, but the +10 modifier provided by use of a mono-katana offsets that so his chance to hit is the same as his chance to hit unarmed. Note that the unarmed damage of the Assassin Bot is greater than the damage caused by his weapons, but he would only be permitted one attack per round unarmed.