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by Bill Logan

This is a combination short polearm and light electrolaser. It takes a 20 SEU PowerClip in the handle, and fires an electro-laser beam at somewhat short range. The beam causes 4d10 damage and drains 2 SEU (just like the blast beam of an electrostunner). Unlike a proper electrostunner, however, the beam cannot be set to stun. The electro-beam is defeated easily with an active Gauss Screen or an Anti-Shock Implant.

When used in melee, this weapon is like a long axe half way between a polearm and a battle axe. It causes 3d10 inertia damage (plus punching score, as normal).

This weapon isn’t that popular and so is seldom found brand new. It’s often found in a pawn shop or in less high tech areas of the Frontier. To a fledgeling adventurer, however, this weapon offers some interesting and versitile options that should not be ignored. It costs 250 Credits and weighs just under 2 kilograms. It often comes with a leather harness worn over the shoulder, with the blade pointing down.