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Average Size 2.1 meters male
2.0 meters female
Average Mass 125kg male
95kg female
Average Lifespan 80 years male
120 years female.
Reproductive System heterosexual,
Body Temperature 31 degrees Celsius
Ability Scores
Walking 5 meters per turn
Running 20 meters per turn
Hourly 4 kilometers/hour
Special Abilities
Nightvision Can see equally well in all but
complete dark.
Durability Current Stamina maximum is +5
higher than STA score would
normally allow.

by Bill Logan


Physical Structure

The Bora-kai are bipedal, with two arms, similar in external shape to humans. Their skin is leathery, grey, dense and covered with fine bristly hairs (much like the skin of an elephant). They grow no larger thicknesses of hair anywhere on their bodies.

Their heads have a single row of ridges that begin at the front of their foreheads and trail down the back of their necks, then all the way down to their tailbone. These ridges are bony protrusions that have no known function.

Although their bodies are not meant for speed, they are strong and durable, able to carry heavy loads and do so for a very long time.

On the inside, they are very different from humans. The bora-kai possess a complex web-like network of interconnecting bones and cartilage that serves as a powerful protective layer against outside harm. They have two hearts, one that takes over for the other at even intervals (a monthly cycle), though if one fails they can operate off the other indefinitely. Several other organs are redundant as well.

Bora-kai females have four breasts, and men have four nipples. They often produce two or more children per birth and the mother requires this level of nutrient provision to care for her young.


The Bora-kai have poor senses of touch; their dense skin lacks any decent level of tactile feedback. This also increases their tolerance for pain. The fine hairs on their bodies can sense slight changes in air current and pressure, however.

The Bora-kai have narrow eyes with all-black cornea, retina, and pupil. These dark pools of ink see well in the dark, yet have very little trouble in full daylight. Even by starlight, the Bora-kai can see as well as in the daytime. They cannot see in total darkness.

Their senses of hearing, smell, and taste are virtually the equal of humans.


These beings have a traditional larynx and vocal system capable of producing normal ranges of sound, but their voices tend to be extremely low in frequency. Their deep baritones make incredible melodies when they choose to sing the songs of their homeland. Their speech is slow and carefulsounding, giving the impression of wisdom.

Society and Customs

During the second Sathar war, several Sathar ships and outposts were destroyed, many of which crashed on various worlds. In order to prevent their technology or the mysteries of their existence from being known, they all self-destructed... except one.

On 87PF during the siege of Sathar Outpost #1 (a fortified space station with its own moons), Strike Force Nova noted two large escape pods that jettisoned. They sent detachments to eliminate the escape vessel but were surprised to find not Sathar inside, but something else entirely.

The Bora-kai were a captive race, used for a hundred generations as slave labor by the dreaded Sathar. These bora-kai were all that remained, and they wanted to live. Strike Force Nova took them captive and tried in vain to learn some secrets about the Sathar from them.

The Bora-kai were never a star faring race, and their understanding of space and its physics is limited. They come from a world long destroyed by the Sathar (no remaining Bora-kai has any memory of his homeland). Their society was feudal, and their king and queen are long dead. The living remnants of this once proud if primitive society are all descendants of knights once in the employ of their queen.

The Bora-kai of today were raised in tyranny and treated poorly for ten years by UPF, before political pressure encouraged their release. They all agreed to split up and explore the Frontier, learn from these people who have conquered their enemy the Sathar and secured their rescue. They hope to find a place for their people to thrive, and seek any evidence that others of their species survived the destruction and captivity of the dreaded worms.

Bora-kai are honorable and intelligent. They are primitive only in their political views. Bora-kai of today have learned to get along in a Frontier society, even if they still think Void space is a magical place.

They prefer the use of melee weapons over anything else, and tend to shun technology in preference to simpler things. Battling with a great sword (modifier +0, damage 4d10, Initiative Modifier -1) is a matter of personal expression and strength, and the Borakai knights make their own (a craft passed on through the generations, even in captivity).


The Bora-kai get along well enough with all races they encounter. Because of their antiquated viewpoint, they often draw parallels to ancient wisdoms that modern people would miss. Because of this, many people consider them more warrior poets or scholars than military assets.

Vrusk have taken a special interest in the Bora-kai, and there is a non-profit organization called the VBO, Vrusks for Bora-kai Organization, dedicated to the understanding of this ancient people and aiding them in their pursuit to seek roots or plant new ones.

Special Abilities

Night Vision. The Bora-kai can see well in the dark, like a Yazirian. Unlike a Yazirian, though, they are not penalized for bright lights. Their eyes adapt too quickly to be flash-blinded and their dark eyes absorb errant light and keep it out of their pupils.

Durability. Probably the main reason the Sathar used them for slave labor is their incredible durability. Their redundant organs and advanced network of bones and cartilage result in being able to sustain more damage than their Stamina score would normally allow.

In game terms, they can take 5 more points of damage than their actual Stamina score. This racial ability can be increased just as other race’s abilities, up to 100. A very powerful Bora-kai with this racial ability maxed-out and a Stamina score of 70 would be able to take 170 points of damage before dying.

When asked to make Current Stamina checks, players of Bora-kai characters must use their Stamina score or their current stamina, whichever is lowest.

For example: a Bora-kai has Stamina of 55 and this special ability at starting level (+5). This means his Current Stamina is 60. If he had to make a Current Stamina check, he would roll against 55. If he took ten points of damage and then had to make another Stamina check, they would roll against whichever is lowest (in this case, their current stamina of 50).