CSS Nightwind Cargo Decks

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CSS Nightwind Cargo Deck. Click for full image

This is the layout of the ship's four cargo decks. Each is simply a large open space for storing cargo with elevator access. Each cargo bay has a large cargo arm that is capable of loading cargo from outside the ship into the bay. The arm moves along a central pillar as needed.

  1. Elevator - This is the main elevator shaft that run through the entire ship.
  2. Cargo Area - The majority of this level is taken up by open space for storing cargo.
  3. Cargo Arm - This cargo arm moves up and down on a central column and can extend well beyond the cargo bay doors when open to load material from outside the ship. The arm can be controlled via controls located outside the elevator doors or from the engineering deck. The arms are capable of reaching any point in the cargo bay area.

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