CSS Nightwind Life Support & Weapons Deck

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CSS Nightwind Life Support and Weapons Deck. Click for full image

This deck houses the primary life support system for the Nightwind as well as it's remaining weapon and defensive systems. It also contains a small medical bay that can be used if needed during a journey. This level can only be accessed by authorized crew memebers.

  1. Elevator - This is the main elevator shaft that run through the entire ship.
  2. Hallway - This is the main hallway on this level that connects all the rooms.
  3. Primary Life Support - This is the main life support system. It is filled with a variety of pumps, filters and fans to move and clean the water and air for the ship and recycle wastes. There is a maze of accessways through the machinery to allow for maintenance and replacement of parts. The equipment extends extensively up and down into the spaces between this level and the ones above and below it.
  4. Rocket Battery - This room contains the ships rocket battery launcher.
  5. Rocket Battery Salvo Storage - This room contains the rockets for salvos 1 and 3 of the ship's rocket battery.
  6. Rocket Battery Salvo Storage - This room contains the rockets for salvos 2 and 4 of the ship's rocket battery.
  7. Masking Screen Pump System - This contains the high pressure pumps for the masking screen system that pushes the water from the storage tank (area 9) to the dispersal nozzles around the ship.
  8. Weapon's Locker - This is where the ship's personal weapons are stored as well as any weapons brought on board by crew or passengers.
  9. Masking Screen Water Storage - This is a large holding tank that holds the water for the two charges of the ships Masking Screen. It is isolated from the interior of the ship and refilled via a connection valve on the ship's exterior when in port. It is also possible in an emergency to connect this tank to the life support system to provide extra water for the ship's crew and passengers. In this situation, the Masking Screen cannot be used as a defense.
  10. ICM Launcher - This room houses the launcher for the ship's ICM battery.
  11. ICM Missile Storage - This room holds the missiles that are launched from the ICM battery. It contains enough missiles for eight salvos.
  12. Laser Battery 3 - This room holds the machinery for the ship's third laser battery.
  13. Medical Bay - This room hold a small medical bay that can be used as an exam room and patient room as needed. Medical skills used here gain a +5% bonus.
  14. Medical Storage - This room hold various medical supplies to support the medical bay.
  15. Operating Room - A clean sterile room for performing emergency surgeries as needed. Medical skills used here gain a +5% bonus.

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