CSS Nightwind Machinery Deck

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CSS Nightwind Machinery Deck. Click for full image

This deck is home to most of the backup systems on the Nightwind. Access is restricted to authorized crew members. This deck also houses a small nuclear reactor that provides power to the ship whenever the engines are off-line. It is equivilent to a Class A atomic drive.

  1. Elevator - This is the main elevator shaft that run through the entire ship.
  2. Hallway - This is the main hallway on this level that connects all the rooms.
  3. Reactor Control - This room houses the main controls for the ship's reactor.
  4. Reactor Fueling - This room houses the mechanism to add fuel to the reactor and remove spent fuel.
  5. Fuel Storage - This room is used to hold extra fuel for the reactor that is not currently being used.
  6. Power Reactor - This is the power reactor proper. It is basically self contained and isolated from the rest of the ship. The reactor, along with the fuel storage and fuel loading rooms are heavily shielded to contain the radiation from the fuel.
  7. Auxiliary Bridge - This is the auxiliary bridge. The ship can be run from here just as it can from the primary bridge. The stations here are:
    • 7a - Laser Battery Control
    • 7b - Laser Battery Control
    • 7c - Laser Battery Control
    • 7d - Rocket Battery Battery Control
    • 7e - Astrogation/Sensors Control
    • 7f - Captain's Station
  8. General Storage
  9. Backup Computer - This is a complete backup computer with all the same programs and data as the main computer. It is kept constantly in sync with the main system and can take over at any time as needed.
  10. Backup Life Support - This is the backup life support system. Like the primary system it is capable of supporting thirty-five beings. It can be switched on in place of the primary system or can be run simultaneously if needed allowing the ship to support up to seventy beings in an emergency.

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