Detangler Harness

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by Bill Logan

The tangler grenade is the bane of many adventurers. If caught alone, a tangler can mean the end of your mission – or sometimes your life. Only the prized Solvaway vial can remove the strands, but that relies on having a friend with your best interests in mind.

The Detangler Harness was designed to help the would-be adventurer avoid these pitfalls. It is a harness, able to be worn over conventional protective suits and vests. It can even be worn with screens. It comes with a belt that helps secure it at the bottom, and that belt can be used to hold holsters and other devices and pouches, if desired.

Into the center of the top of the harness is poured six doses of Solvaway. The special liquid is kept there in a reservoir ready for deployment.

The harness itself is covered with a network of special diskshaped sensors designed to detect the proximity of tangler strands in their hardening state. When the wearer of the Detangler Harness is captured by a tangler grenade’s effects, the harness electronics begin a short timer (giving the strands time to harden, as the Solvaway will only work on the strands once in their hardened state).

In the turn directly following being tangled, the sensor disks release the full reservoir of Solvaway liquid in an aerosol-like fashion. It has a 75% chance to successfully dissolve the character’s bonds, releasing him in the next turn.

Example: Jorl is entangled by a security robot’s hurled grenade. The turn following the entanglement, a cloud of air-propelled Solvaway fills his immediate area. The next turn, Jorl’s player rolls d100. If he rolls less than or equal to 75, he’s free and may act normally.

The Detangler Harness costs 500Cr, yet is not available in conventional weapons shops (since law enforcement often use tangler grenades to pacify aggressors). It is not illegal to own, however. It weighs 3kg. Six doses of Solvaway costs 60Cr. Using less than 6 doses will have no effect.