Displacement Screen

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by Bill Logan

Scientists from Wartech industries, in a joint effort with Eversafe Enterprises, have worked for six long years in an attempt to create an invisibility screen. Their mission was simple in theory: use technologies unique to both manufacturers in an attempt to bend light in a predetermined path around the wearer of the screen. This proved to be beyond their grasp, though their efforts weren’t completely wasted.

The Displacement Screen does bend light, though not always in a predetermined fashion. Light is shifted and bent but only in accordance with the direction of the onlooker. From different points of view, the wearer of the screen will appear to be up to a meter in a different direction. As the onlookers move, the position of the displaced person shifts even more, but in a random direction. It’s quite difficult to see exactly where the wearer of a Displacement Screen is, which is exactly the point.

In game terms, the screen drains 1 SEU per turn (from a SEU clip, or can be connected to a power beltclip or backpack) and provides a unique type of protection against any normallyaimed attack (that is, any non-area-effect attacks). Any time the wearer is successfully hit in such an attack, there is a straight 50% chance that the attack actually misses. Example: Thravius Chor’th walks confidently into the casino after-hours, his appearance shifting in a dizzying fashion. The goons turn and open fire. Two goons successfully hit with their gyrojet pistols. Thravius’s player rolls d100 twice, rolling 44 and 29. The goons were fooled by the shifting image of the displacement screen and Thravius goes unharmed.

A Displacement screen costs 2,000Cr and weighs 3kg. It is legal to own anywhere other screens are permitted.