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Dralasite Spymaster
STR/STA 45/45 PS +3
DEX/RS 50/50 IM +5
INT/LOG 50/50 Ranged 25
PER/LDR 55/55 Melee 25
Special Abilities:

Elasticity, Lie Detection 5%

Skills: (Biosocial PSA)

Psychosocial 1, Gyrojet Weapons 1


Standard Equipment Pack, Gyrojet Pistol, Tangler Grenade, 18 Credits

by Bill Logan and Andrew Modro

You visit your contacts once per year, treating them to a fun night above their income level. You pay off those you can, and make disappear those you cannot. You’re always on the move, but keep your network strong with you at its nexus.

Your natural ability to ferret out the truth gives you an advantage in the information game. Plus, it helps that nobody would ever suspect a Dralasite of masterminding a network of spies!


Character Concepts


This Dralasite uses false identities and unlisted chronocom signals, relayed off so many locations it’s impossible to trace before the conversation has ended. He sends subspace messages that only the intended recipient understands. He works in codes, secrets, and signs left in the shadows.

Although he’d not normally think of purchasing personal protective gear, he’s not beyond purchasing protection in the more living sense. Since the Webspider Spymaster makes his living off the network of connections he maintains, it’s perfectly within his character to purchase agents to guard and protect his ventures.

Rather than going out and putting himself in danger, the webspider works through a series of contacts who may or may not even know who they're giving information to. This one works from the shadows, behind screens and out of sight at all times. Anonymity is the name of the Webspider’s game.

Master of Disguise

Who can really tell one Dralasite from another (except another Dralasite, perhaps)? This version of the spymaster utilizes that anonymity to change roles like humans change clothing, becoming different people for different situations.

Since a Dralasite’s “Lie Detection” ability is built upon his unusual sense of smell, this Dralasite might use that sense to achieve other knowledge (at the referee’s discretion). This empathic sense might give away a target’s general mood based on the same evidence that would give away his deceit. The Master of Disguise would need to know these things to help him impersonate others in unusual role-playing situations.

Because of the unusual nature of a Dralasite, his ability to impersonate others is somewhat limited to identities within his own species. He can impersonate any age, and even take in air bubbles to appear larger (though appearing smaller is a bit of a trick). Although there are no skills within the Alpha Dawn game system to govern impersonation, the referee can simply use the character’s Personality and Leadership skills to accomplish the trick.

"Blob. James Blob."

The archetypal spy. Dashing and debonair (for a giant amoeboid, anyway), this Dralasite moves through high society and secret danger with equal flair, relying on his native charisma and more than a few little tricks.

He probably works for an employer who supplies him with wonderful gadgets to get him out of many of his dangerous situations. He flirts and charms his way past anything his gadgets don’t help with. And when all else fails, he’s quick with his gyrojet pistol.

This version of the Spymaster doesn’t concern himself with establishing a network of contacts. He works alone. He’ll sometimes associate with another spy from some other organization, but only when it serves his purpose. He works for his employer, and that’s where his loyalties are.


This character works within an organization, sometimes ferreting out double-agents, sometimes leading raids against hideouts of known enemy spies. His career centers around the enemy spy – either within his midst or abroad.

The Counterspy typically has permission to roam about the Frontier as needed, visiting safe-houses and agencies anywhere they’re found. His role is that of an inquisitor, and other agents generally cringe at his approach.


Probably the most important thing for a Spymaster to concentrate on is his Lie Detection special ability. If nobody can hide the truth from him, then he’ll have the potential for an amazing career in espionage. But that can’t be the only thing worth developing...

Developing Abilities

Personality and Leadership are the hallmark of the espionage agent. Of course, Dexterity and Reaction Speed helps him with situations that center around agility, speed, and accuracy. But the Spymaster is someone who specializes in the acquisition of information... and with the help of his Lie Detection ability, interaction socially is one of his most important tools.

Strength has little use to the Dralasite spymaster. Stamina, on the other hand, can help you endure toxins and poisons. Intuition is another important ability score, as it represents your character’s ability to sense things happening around him (as well as avoid being surprised by that enemy agent with the sniper rifle!). Logic is helpful as well, but more important than raw Logic is the development of a character’s skills.

Developing Skills

Psychosocial is the most important skill your character can have. It allows for persuasion, hypnotism, empathy, and analyzing/predicting the activities of the insane. Develop this skill to help you with all aspects of your position.

Other than this, consider Demolitions (to blow up those enemy bases, or to defuse those bombs you come across in your own agency set by double-agents!) and Martial Arts (you won’t always have your trusty gyrojet pistol).

Don’t underestimate the value of the technical skills... the ability to tweak a gizmo, reprogram an enemy robot, or perform dangerous maneuvers in a hover cycle or ground car is important to the well-rounded master spy!


Miniaturism: Paying twice the amount for something is generally enough (at the referee’s approval, of course) to purchase a smaller version of that item. For example, a character wants to buy a miniature chronocom that is concealed in a ring. He pays twice the cost of a chronocom (200Cr) and has it. If the character isn’t working for a wealthy employer, the referee may change the cost multiple for concealed miniaturisms from “x2” to “x4” or more, since specialized tooling and discrete arrangements must be made to procure such unusual and cutting-edge items.

Although no real spy equipment (other than a holoscreen) is mentioned in the main rule book, all manner of espionage-related gear is available in the Frontier.

Spymasters typically surround themselves with technology to help in their espionage-related activities. This includes robots, computers, hired NPC’s and vehicles. A successful Spymaster will have to spend a lot of money – but can charge a great deal for his services! In the Equipment article in this issue, you’ll find several pieces of equipment that would be perfect for use by the Spymaster!

Edges and Flaws

If using this optional system found at the back of the Alpha Dawn Remastered book, you might want to consider some of these ideas.

Shadow Mentor

The character is a pawn in a grander scheme of espionage, with layers of lies piled on layers of deceit. He doesn’t even really know for who he works. He is given missions and aid, but no identities. The player can call on this edge to get assistance from his unusual clandestine mentor.

S’Wis Bank Account

Your character has a secret account under an anonymous identity that only he knows the access codes to. He can use this special account to fund missions that he doesn’t want traced back to him. In game, the player can invoke this edge to access his funds, 1d10x100 credits become immediately available.

Death Before Captivity

This edge is a psychological aversion to being captured mixed with an adrenaline surge capable of keeping the character out of such captivity. Maybe the character has spent time in tortured arrest, or was stranded in an isolated environment and never wants to be put into that situation again. The player can invoke this edge in-game when faced with the potential of capture, and the referee will allow him a bonus of +25 on all rolls for one turn... presumably to get out of his current predicament.

Sucker for a Pretty Face

Your character, for all his strengths and savvy ways, can be taken by a dame with a pouty lip and short skirt... no matter the race. It may not be that you have any lecherous desire for her, but you might feel protective or have a soft spot for them. When villains and enemy agents catch wind of this weakness, they’ll exploit it for sure. In game terms, the referee can invoke this flaw to put a member of the opposite sex in game, to thwart the character’s mission or at least cause complications... or a romantic interest? Do Dralasites have romantic interests?

Nothing But the Best!

Your character has his nose in the air – just a little, and only for things that matter. You won’t pay face value for anything... you’ll look for the very best, paying top credits for the most famous name brands and highest quality. In game terms, you must spend an extra 10% on all items purchased for any reason! Plus – you’re more than willing to pay up to 2x the normal cost for the things that truly matter to you!