Flamethrower Gauntlets

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by Ryan Baker

Flamethrower Gauntlets

Cost: 700Cr
Weight: 2 kg
Damage: 3d10 single gauntlet, 4d10 in a burst
Ammo: 10 bursts (each gauntlet)
Rate: 1
Defense: Inertia
Range: 5/10/20/30/50
Ammo Cost: Fuel backpack - 50Cr

Description: Flamethrower Gauntlets are a fearsome weapon in short range, close quarters combat. Each gauntlet is capable of delivering several burning streams of flame to an area, burning multiple opponents caught in the blast. Characters that are caught without cover or nowhere to escape are quickly burnt alive.

The blast of flame is triggered first by keying a safety release on each gauntlet with the user's thumbs. Once the safety is deactivated, another thumb trigger is used to fire a momentary blast, or to sustain the flame's activation. Both hands can produce flame, though penalties for firing two weapons and offhand use still apply. The gauntlets require both hands to be free to use, but are nimble enough that other activities are not significantly affected due to wearing them.

Each gauntlet fires a burst of flame causing 4d10 fire damage to a single opponent. Like other burst weapons, an area of up to 10 meters wide can be targeted, adding 1d10 damage per target in the area, requiring only a single roll to hit all of them. The damage total is divided between the characters caught in the area. RS checks may be attempted for those with nearby cover or for those willing to go prone resulting in half damage. Inertial suits and screens defend against the flamethrower gauntlets the same way they defend against other explosions and incendiary attacks. Any character that takes more damage than half his stamina score is completely incapacitated do to burn wounds.

Like other concealable weapons, some systems may have significant laws against carrying or owning these weapons outright.

Reloading takes 2 turns for each gauntlet and requires refilling the liquid fuel tanks and the compressed nitrogen canister. Both the inert nitrogen and liquid fuel can be purchased throughout the frontier at common supply outlets.