Fountain Bar

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by Goblinardo, map by Scott Iles

This is a generic hangout that can be used anywhere. The fountain/waterfall at the back of the room can be either natural or artificial, depending on the setting. Because of the natural “white noise” produced by the fountain, the booths closest to the fountain are highly sought by those not wishing their private conversations to be overheard. A hierarchy has evolved here, so that a person’s importance in the local underworld can be judged based on the position of their booth – the closer to the fountain, the more important the being.

A spotlight illuminates the area just inside the doorway leading to the foyer. This allows those already on the bar a look at anyone coming in, while remaining hidden in the relative darkness. The dance floor area is fairly well-lit, contrasting with the booths and tables that are only dimly illuminated, further protecting the anonymity of the patrons. The DJ’s station, along the north wall, looks out onto the dance floor, and an electrostunner taped to the underside of the desk helps ensure that any altercations breaking out on the dance floor are quickly quelled.

The small room adjacent to the foyer can be a cloakroom or an admission booth, depending on the setting.

The store room is full of boxes, crates and kegs, as would be expected in any bar. The pile of boxes in the south-east corner conceals a watch post manned by a guard with a clear line of sight from the door to the bar to the door in the west wall.

The next room is a staff lounge, used mainly by the bouncers and any other toughs employed by the owner. Card games are in almost continual play at one if not both of the tables.

The Office is plush and richly decorated. A panel of monitors on the south wall allows the owner to observe anywhere in the bar through a series of closed circuit cameras. The concealed door in the back wall opens into a secret room which may contain all manner of interesting objects, or even a stairway to a hidden underground area.