Ground Shank

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Ground Shank
Type Large Herbivore
Number 10-100 herd
Move Fast (90m/turn, 25km/hour)
IM/RS +5/45
Stamina 80
Attack 45
Damage 1d10 nip
Special Attack a herd can stampede for 10d10

damage (half if RS avoidance roll)

Special Defense None
Native World Hentz, plains

Ground shanks are large creatures with soft fur covering their bodies. Their coloration varies dramatically, but all possess striped rings around their ankles of dark color – typically dark brown or black. A series of spots covers their necks and backs, to help camouflage them in tall fields of drygrass in which they graze. The long necks of the shank can reach low trees for additional nutrients, and they are fond of urishanuts that grow naturally throughout Hentz.

These creatures have been the Yazirian premier beast of burden since the beginning of the species’ existence. It originated on Waloo (Pavor) and was transplanted to

Today, ground shanks numbers are so high that ambrikahns had to be introduced to keep their numbers in check. Because of how plentiful they are, the cost of a ground shank is now under 100 Credits.

The ground shank had an aerial cousin, the air shank, that seemed identical other than the ringed markings around the ankles and tail (and of course, wings). The air shank was hunted to extinction for food and leather long ago.

Shanks alone are pretty harmless. They can nip at their enemies with their small teeth, but the strength of their jaws is designed to chew grass, not meat and bone. But in a herd, their numbers can be spurred to stampede by fire or proximity of a predator. A living being caught in a stampede takes 10d10 damage, but a successful Reaction Speed check will cut that damage in half (round in favor of the character). Hentz during the relocation.