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Colonizers: Yazirians
Population: Light (Moderate from ZG), Agriculture, Industry
Climate Range:
Average Surface Temp.:
Gravity: 0.9
Diameter: 9140km
Moons: 5
Length of Day: 50


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  2. Infi

Note Zebulon's Guide only lists two moons, not the five of the AD rules




Hakosaur is a small world around a very small re-orange star. It orbits closely, and eventually it's rotation will slow and the planet will become tidally locked. The planet is actually quite young in comparison to the rest of the Skree-Fron system. It was created in it's current form as the result of a collision with a wandering planetesimal. On the cosmological scale, Hakosaur's current pleasant environment will not last, but that is of little concern to the inhabitants.


Hakosaur currently offers a very habitable environment, though the land forms are much flatter than many of the Yazirian inhabitants might enjoy. Due to it's composition and young age, it has a strong magnetic field, a thick atmosphere for it's mass, yet a very stable geology. Plate tectonics play little role in it's geology. Most of the surface is swampy and poorly drained. The only major surface features are the peculiar equatorial ridge that extends a quarter the way around the planet, and it's single sea that borders the north side of this ridge and fault. The sea covers less than 8% of the planet's otherwise wet surface. The southern edge of the ridge and the eastern end of the ridge actually contains some fairly dry and desert-like pockets due to riding thermals in these areas preventing rainfall.


The thick atmosphere and low albedo of Hakosaur make it a warm if dank and somewhat dark world. The northern latitudes experience less rain than the southern, and are a bit cooler, but the poles are ice-free and it rarely snows. The low axial tilt of the planet results in only minor seasonal change.

Native Biology: The swampy environment of the temperate and tropical regions feature a wide variety of plant-life, but only a few species that one could refer to as trees. The somewhat drier northern latitudes are almost entirely covered by forest. The largest land animals mass no more than 50 kilos, though there are some very large (if primitive) aquatic species. The largest land animal is commonly called a "Runner Beast" (Yazirian translation) and is a territorial top predator that is well known to attack people and vehicles. The Northern forests contain many grazing and arboreal animals, but all are small and non-migratory. The avians of the planet descended from and aquatic species. Their wings are composed of delicate appearing translucent scale-like sections.

Society: Hakosoar is headquarters for Universal Households, the apparel, home furnishings, and housing mega-corp. UniHo developed the city of Hyyay as its operations base. Hyyay is a centrally located seaport on the Fron Saddle, a pass dividing the equatorial ridge. Hyyay is also the anchor point of the light-gauge space elevator that serves Hakosaur.

Hakosaur, via it's state-run consortium Universal Households, is an agricultural powerhouse. It is the breadbasket of the Frontier in many ways. While Hentz and other planets supply much of the finer foodstuffs that are traded across the Frontier, Hakosaur supplies the bulk foods that make colonization and life on the more populated central industrial worlds possible. Though transportation energy costs are high, several highly industrialized worlds like Triad have made special arrangements with UniHo to supply fuel for ships to ensure food security for their citizens.

Inside and outside the UniHo organization, archaic Yazirian clan structure holds more sway here than on many worlds.

Hakosaur has little in the way of mining operations due to it's intense hydrological cycle and focus on agriculture. UniHo has contracted with the Pan Galactic Corporation to capture a several metal-rich asteroids and place then in accessible orbit around Hakosaur. These asteroids are now referred to locally as the "Money Moons" as several of them are easily visible from the surface through the rare breaks in the clouds. These asteroids both help supply local production materials and act as a strategic reserve. Due to the long-term importance of Hakosaur as a supplier of foods, natural fibers and other consumables, the Sathar invaded the surface during both Sathar Wars.

It is though that the planet would be particularly well suited to Sathar physiology if an invasion succeeded. Since Sathar physiology uses right-handed amino acids, and all other Frontier life uses left-handed, this unfortunately means that the Sathar would need to irradiate and cleans all life from the planet before they could inhabit it.


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